Baking for the Holidays

We are doing zero entertaining this holiday season. Which is both a huge relief and a bit sad. I love playing hostess. But I love the thought of our home staying a safe haven from the holiday madness more. Our own little family of three (and the dog) retreat.

But that will not stop me from baking up a storm (assuming I can find the time) and bringing something to the table other then the wine.

Christmas Eve’s tradition is fresh crab from Humboldt along with local raviolis and malfattis (yes… these are coming from a liquor store! So good!) What a perfect menu for some fresh made, butter loaded rolls. These Cloverleaf Rolls sound easy enough and make a ton!

Christmas morning will be spent traveling from one family to the next. But I may not be able to help myself from making some Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls. Yum. My grandmother froze me some apples in all the sugary goodness which I defrosted Friday morning. I am hoping they are still good for some evening baking…?? If not I guess that will mean an (unfortunate) trip to the store!

Christmas dinner is more family with the traditional holiday menu: bird and sides. But I am always a fan of mixing it up and bringing unique and unexpected items to the table. Over the past years when we have hosted I have made a fabulous roasted beet salad, Bacon and Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts, and Cheesecake in a Jar. This year I am torn between more Brussels Sprouts with Sweet Potato Hash or an Apple Crisp Ice Cream. Decisions.

Any additions to the table that may spark my interest?


Not sure if I will get around to some last minute Christmas posts so… From my family to yours I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!


Christmas Gift Guide: Mama & Babe

Something that is super important in our household is not going overboard on making presents the main focus of the holidays. We realize that our friends and family want to spoil us all, but as a child I was more in love with the sights, sounds, smells and food of the holidays then presents and I want that for my own babe.

But, let’s be honest, getting shit is fun. And giving it is fun. So why not, right? As long we keep a little perspective. With that being said I am totally buying into thought process of Something to You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read! Simple, cute, done! (This is sort of a cheat for both me and babe because of course Wear and Want are basically the same!) I threw in a little stocking stuffer for me because my nails are in some desperate need of holiday cheer!

MamaWish, gift guide, women christmas list


BABEWish, toddler christmas list, toddler gift guide


Happy Hunting!

25 Days of Christmas Bucket List

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent most of the day baking which was exactly what I wanted to do! Also managed to score a few online deals, as I tend to live in fear of the die hard Black Friday shoppers. Those lines are intimidating!

I am having a hard time believing it is actually December! Luckily Jessica over at Little Baby Garvin has me inspired to throw myself into the Christmas spirit. If you have been keeping up I L-O-V-E the holidays, but have kept a little bah humbug this year.

So, in the spirit of things here are my own 25 Bucket List Items to complete prior to Christmas!


1. Find an amazing new family ornament

2. Cruise down Candy Cane Lane with the babe (and various other overly decorated streets)

3. Decorate the mantel to the EXTREME (Seeing as a house filled with pup and toddler we are opting for a tabletop tree this year)

4. Stock up on Christmas books (These are a few I have my eyes on 1. 2. 3. 4.)

5. Make hot chocolate in the crock pot with a dozen additions on the side (caramel, whip cream, marshmallows, sprinkles…)

6.  Watch Four Christmases, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, and Home Alone, etc. at least three or four times

7.  Find creative and unique ways to wrap gifts

8. Bake, bake, bake until I cannot bake anymore (Follow me on Pinterest HERE for dessert recipes!)

9. Not gain 10 lbs from baking (aka get this butt moving!)

10. Spend a rainy afternoon shopping with the besties (For some reason shopping in the dark, rain excites me. And keeps the crowds at bay)

11. Hang stockings (and finally get one for the babe)

12. Find a really amazing present for my parents as a small thanks for all they do

13. Convince my husband we MUST go to Disneyland (probably not going to happen, but a girl can dream…)

14. Create and send out the most amazing Christmas cards…on time(ish)

15. Advent Calendar. A must. But stray from the original. DIY?

16. Ship the babe off to Grandma’s on a rainy day and spend an entire afternoon drinking Apple Cider (spiked) and watching (Christmas) movies with the hubs

17. Stuff our faces with fresh crab from Humboldt on Christmas Eve (or before during and after)

18. Find the perfect Christmas Day outfits for me and the babe.

19. Participate in a charity program for children

20. Listen to Christmas music entirely too loudly while singing entirely off key

21. Splash in mud puddles with the babe in our Hunter Rain Boots

22. Buy the babe Hunter Rain Boots

23. Go through everysingleroom in the house and donate everything we don’t use

24. Find the perfect Christmas Eve pajamas for the whole family

25. Step back, relax and soak in the holiday spirit as often as possible

Let’s keep this going? What is on your holiday to do list?