Weekly Distract: Spring

It is basically Spring here. In fact, we pretty much skipped Winter all together. I think I have to take responsibility for this. True story. My mom bought me these magnificent Hunter Rain Boots for my birthday so of course it can’t actually rain. Sorry California.

Saint Patrick’s Day is next week. Does that freak anyone else out? Where did March go? Where did January and February go? I have no special green for me or the babe so it looks like my evening will be filled with a bit of online shopping! Because we need new green. Need. I have to say, the selection of actual Saint Patty’s Day gear out there is pretty bare bones.

If you haven’t checked out Beyond the Clothing and my Wednesday Balance guest posts please do! Fitness and wellness needs to be a priority for us all, so why not have a support system along the way. Plus I know the chic that started it all- and she’s pretty cool.

My television watching is starting to get out of control. But there are so many good things I am watching right now. Resurrection- amazing. I am not usually one for the more SciFi type show but this one has me intrigued. My Pretty Little Liars obsession is beyond. We are also starting the thought process of getting rid of cable. At $150 a month (including internet) it just seems like way to much for the few shows we are addicted to. So I started streaming NetFlix through our Bluray and American Horror Story and the newer 90210 are on constant play. Yea know, gotta balance out the horror in my life with some cheese! Anyone make the switch? Forbes is trying to convince me!

Be sure to (finally) check out The Shop. I will be adding products I love and would love to have along with free printables along the way! And as always, if you see something you think I would like be sure to send it my way!

Send me your love ūüôā

Weekly Distract // Vegas Getaway

Well… it is officially back to reality after my Vegas getaway. The workweek has set in- but at least the sun is beginning to shine and I can get back to my much loved lunch time hikes around the vineyards.
(Wynn Buffet. Do it!)

Rose. Rabbit Lie. Las Vegas’ newest, 53 million dollar (yes… I said 53 Million!) experience. It is your typical nightclub/lounge/dance party/show with a whole lotta yummy food. This place pulled out all the stops- down to the silverware. Gorg. We missed our dinner reservations due too many flight delays but were still able to sneak into the music lounge for a little late night menu (duck fat fries- caviar flat-bread- doughnuts- what, what?! O M G I didn’t even mention the Brussels Sprouts!) I want to go back. Now. And maybe even dance the night away next time. And eat. Much more eating.


Unroll.me. Can you believe my inbox actually looked like that?! To be honest- that is three different emails. But no one person should have that many emails. Do I really need to be subscribed to multiple Victoria’s Secret emails (and you know they send roughly 3 a day!) What is a girl to do?! Turn to Google- of course! I stumbled up Unroll.me which let’s you basically bulk unsubscribe or get one nice pretty email a day with all your random offers. Genius. Sign me up. Love it. This morning I had four…count them four… emails waiting for me instead of 400. A marketing team’s nightmare. A saving grace for me!


Books. I just actually purchased two books on Amazon. I would love to be able to tell you the last time I read a book was last month. Um. It was two years ago. While pregnant, on the beach. And it was fabulous. I ordered Gone Girl (jumping onto that bandwagon) and Tori Spelling’s new book Spelling It Like It Is (because I have to. No matter how much makeup she wears. She’s my girl.). Hoping that I might actually make the time to read them- even if it just means on our next road trip.

Buckle Toys. My child is obsessed with buckling things. She has to help with the car seat straps, the high chair straps, cart cover straps. Ugh. Obviously this is a safety hazard as we can’t leave her unbuckled just so she can play with them! This¬† toy is now on rush order to our home! Enough buckles so mom doesn’t have to attempt to reach into the back seat to unbuckle every five seconds. Smartest invention ever.

Ulta. I need a serious trip to my local Ulta. After following a couple different beauty blogs and other similar posts I realize I am majorly lacking in the fun beauty products department. What is on my list? A dotted eye liner, a bright pink blush, a fabulous leave in conditioner, a killer primer and a great makeup remover. If I am really feeling spunky maybe even a BB cream I keep reading so much about. I am sure my list will keep growing but a girl needs the essentials!

Weekly (Sickly) Distract

It is super (not) funny that my very last item on my January list was my health. Because we all came down with a horrible flu/cold/feel like crap something or other over the weekend and I have been trying to muster up enough energy to work and take care of the kiddo without passing out from exhaustion. I went to bed last night at 8:30pm and I am surprised I made it that long.

Load up on the vitamin C people! And every other vitamin and flu shot out there!

With that being said- there are the few things on my mind other then getting better

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale:¬† Scored two amazing strapless bras that actually fit and stay up. Tried them on in the store and ordered online with free shipping code SHIP50. It has been so long since I have had a great fitting strapless bra!

Bath and Body Works: Also loaded up on a ton of hand soap. Cannot beat $3 with $10 off!

Still searching for the perfect Vegas dress. Nelly.com is moving higher on my list of great clothing websites. Be sure to check it out.

This. I die. Words gone. (Caution: do not read this if you are somewhere needing to be quiet.) I may have to start watching The Bachelor just so I can laugh along with The Knotty Bride.

Okay- I know this is not the most thought provoking post but when you feel like I do… it’s the little things.

Stay healthy everyone!

Weekly Distract

I am having a hard time accepting that it is almost the middle of January. Where is the time going?
This is what is on my mind this beautiful California winter day!

Flu Season. I am terrified to watch the news these days. I know this is a heated topic, and while I am all for each person making the decisions they feel are best for themselves and their families, I think we can all admit that in the Bay Area- shit is getting real. So I manned up and got my flu shot over the weekend. I look at it this way, A seat belt may not save my life in an accident, but I buckle up every time I get in the car. Food for thought!

This. Any blog post that makes you completely rethink your roll as a women. What we can accomplish, who we can be, the ones that paved the way ahead of us. What three women would you list?

My little babe turned 16 months today. Beyond. Crazy. She is getting so smart and using so many words I am having a hard time remembering what my little baby was like. But I love watching her grow! A growth chart has been on the list of things to get for awhile now so I figure that we have 2 months before she is a year and a half and that will be our starting point for documenting her growth. Loving the wood growth chart rulers I am seeing all over Etsy.

Resolutions. You have heard me say this a few times, but yea- not so much into making resolutions. I think I don’t want to deal with the failure of them. How is that for honesty? What I have decided to do is make some monthly and reoccurring goals for myself. Stay tuned for January’s list and progression!

Valentines Day. Only my most favorite commercial holiday of the year. I love the colors, the treats, the themes. I need to begin plotting our Valentines Day adventure. Slowly each year I convince my husband a little more that this is the most fun holiday. We usually cook an amazing meal and stay in with all our favorite foods. And of course it means a month full of red and pink outfits for the babe. And probably a couple for me as well.

Vegas. A much needed weekend away is approaching and I am so beyond excited for it. Big plans including attempting the new social experiment Rose. Rabbit. Lie and the Britney Spears concert is sure to make for some fabulous memories. Now if only I could find a dress! My favorite online shopping these days are ASOS, Nasty Gal, Miss Guided and Revolve Clothing. Any others that I must check out?!

Weekly Distract: Fall Bandwagon

A break from Mommyhood to bring you some recent distractions from around the internet. With a theme!

Happy couple days into Fall. Is this a holiday? It should be. A paid day off kinda holiday. No? Well then…

I love fall. And I love, oh, about a month of Winter? Then I want Spring and maybe two months of Summer. Listen to me complain, living in California where our “seasons” usually consist of seeing the sun on a daily basis.

Anyways, with Fall now officially in the air, I thought I would take a break from playing baby catch up (only a few more posts to go!) and join in on all the festive Fall festivities fun. (Ran out of F’s way too soon!)



Here is my list of why I love this time of year and why I can’t wait for spring! Because I am a little bit of a Fall downer (ha!) like that. But, never fear, I added some helpful hints to keep the winter blue’s away!

Fall Clothing:

Sweaters, leggings and pretty much the most comfy clothes you can wear while still looking completely stylish and put together. Until you realize it also makes you look larger then you are, and you just want to wear something that lets your skin breathe and the sun shine on you.

Helpful Hint: Remember that rule: One Tight to every One Loose? This applies to Fall fashion as well. In other words, baggy sweater calls for leggings or skinny jeans.

Fall Boots:

The taller the better. Riding boots, rain boots, booties, super tall heels. Looks great with leggings, skirts, jeans, dresses. Until you are walking through the mall and realize it also makes you so ridiculously hot and all you want is a pair of flip flops.

Helpful Hint: Keep up the pedicures. Even though you may be the only person seeing your toes, doesn’t mean they can’t stay pretty.

Starbucks or espresso in general:

Nothing better then ordering your favorite drink, extra hot, and enjoying it indoors while watching the rain fall. Until you realize you have to go out into the rain to get it, stand in an extra long line, and become completely dependent every day on having one.

Helpful Hint: I have nothing for this one. Buy a coffee maker?! Oh, who I am kidding, it’s not the same. Why do they not deliver during down pours!?


There are so many amazing recipes this time of year. Warm banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, butternut squash soup, soup in general. Yum. Until you realize you have gained an additional 5 pounds because you are eating more then just salad and fruit.

Helpful Hint: Your cookies may be packed full of sugar, but you my dear are not. Do not let the bad weather keep you from staying active. And when possible, sneak those healthy veggies into your foods and use substitutes such as greek yogurt and apple sauce when you can.

Holidays and Household Decorating:

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, My Birthday. Decorating the house, dressing up, presents, the smells lights and sounds of the season. I have nothing negative to say about any of this. Ever. I love it all and wish we could keep a tree up all year.

Helpful Hint: Start early and bask in the joy. Then keep it up way too long (yes, there are still Easter bunnies on my mantel, but they chic ones so it’s all good!)

Happy Fall everyone!

Weekly Distract, Giveaway Winner & Update: Birthday Madness

It’s been awhile since we had some good Weekly Distract(ion)! As I mentioned I am taking a new job, which hopefully allows me much more time to get distracted on the internet to play with the kiddo. (Hey, I can multitask!) Here is a roundup of what is going on in my life!


First¬†a super big thank you to everyone who participated in our Rome and Romie Beyond the Clothing Giveaway! Kayleena has announced the winning question on her blog. Congratulations Christina on your tank! We hope everyone will head over to Beyond the Clothing for your daily dose of fitness inspiration as well as to check out Kayleena’s answer to the winning question: How do I continue to push myself?

We hope to be bringing you more contests and giveaways from our favorite brands as we go!

So a little birthday party update. The invitations are in the mail. And by “in the mail” I mean on their way from the printer to me. Now if I can only get them into the mail for our party guests…

Party planning is officially in full swing. My latest: Operation Finding Supplies. I knew there had to be chic party supplies out there (i.e. paper plates). I just knew it. Still, I felt like an idiot googling things like “chic paper plates” and “designer plastic forks.” With very few weeks until¬† the¬†party I need¬†to get hustling. Time is running out and I have visions of pink paper lanterns dancing in my head. Why, no clue. I blame Pinterest pressure. Not really, I blame my need to throw beautiful parties. A lovely curse. Here is what I have complied so I can spare your Google history. (Not bad right?! I am loving the look of mixing patterns and colors!)

chic paper plates, chic party supplies


Adding this to my DIY party¬†list: Paper Tassel Garland from Linen Lace and Love¬†(With a little help from my DIY bestie…..yep, talkin to you! I’ll make the pizza, you tie the tassel!)

Another Illustrator tutorial for your viewing pleasure. Once I get an idea in my head…. damn you Google!

Creating a pattern tutorial via Redbubble:

Happy Distractions!

Weekly Distract

Happy August! I am having a hard time deciding if I am ready for Summer to slip into Fall or if I should still be holding out for the perfect summer tan on my pale white legs. Luckily the weather around here isn’t sure either, giving us the perfect mix of warm days and cool evenings.

This week has been filled with (more) procrastinating and indecisive party planning. So much for meeting my August 1st invite deadline! Here is what has been filling my brain this week, enjoy!

weekly distract, Michael Kors, H&M, kid fashion, baby fashion

|ONE| I have seen variations of roasted cauliflower floating around for months and finally decided to give it a try. And by “give it a try” I mean pretty much wing it. Roasting veggies is easy, coat with olive oil and throw it in the oven. I threw some spice into mine, I seem to have a tendency to overdo the chili powder. It was the perfect side dish to our Chipotle Burgers (See recipe here for chipotle sauce. This time I substituted Greek Yogurt for sour cream, much better!)

|TWO| Part of any Fall, or almost Fall wardrobe is a pair of perfect riding boots. My handbag obsession with Michael Kors has translated over to this lovely set. Want Need them.

|THREE| I have always pretty much hated my hair. It’s thin and pretty lifeless. Needless to say I am always on the lookout for a good product. I think I have found it in Living Proof. Who can go wrong with a product co-owned and endorsed by the Hair Queen herself Jennifer Aniston. Organic, smells yummy, and budget friendly. So far I have used a conditioner and a styling cream, but headed back to Ulta for more!

|FOUR| For those of you not in the know, H&M FINALLY has a US online store. I was about to have major credit card spending issues, but stopped myself before I got out of hand. I love their children’s¬†line¬†almost as I love shopping for myself. ¬†I may possibly dedicate an entire post to all my new H&M fashion loves, but for now a little taste of what I scooped up for me and the babe. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter and your order ships for free!