Feb. Recap // March’s Project List

Can you believe it is March. I may be in denial. First part of the year is almost over! And barely any rain!

I have not been the best about keeping up on my goals but I am back in go mode so I think we will be seeing some real progress started! First a recap, then on to new challenges!

February’s Short List Progress Recap:

Tax Preparation for 2013. Done and Done. Look at me being all adult!

Picture Frames. From January and still NO new frames on the wall. Sad. Sad Day.

February’s Running List Progress Recap:

Babe’s Baby Album. Ugh. I can’t event talk about it. I want it done so badly but it is just NOT happening.

Bedroom update. I cleaned, does that count?!

Hoarder Room. We tend to through everything we want hidden into our office. Which then makes it not such a useable space. This has been an ongoing project to sort, organize and purge from this room! Oh- and decorate. It needs major decorating!

Blog Facelift. Okay, so I started a new blog. New name and everything. Feels more “me” or true to myself. But I can’t seem to make the transition over. Thoughts? Should I just live here and continue to find my voice? If you are eager to compare check out http://www.onmebecoming.wordpress.com and let me know your thoughts!

Health. I am super proud to share I am now a contributing author over at Beyond The Clothing! Which means not only do I need to focus on my health, I need to write about it! Yikes, but so exciting to be surrounded by a supportive, strong group of women! Please, please check it out HERE.

March Short List:

Order growth chart before the babe turns one and a half. Boom, check that off already! It takes two weeks to get here so we are missing our deadline a bit but at least it’s on order!

New Day Planner. Check! Look at me, ahead of the curve. But seeing as it is March and I am just now getting around to ordering one, that also makes me a bit behind. Details!

Switch Cable Providers: To none. Yep, that is right, our goal is to get rid of digital cable asap. We are spending way to much for a handful of shows. As long as I can continue to watch Pretty Little Liars when we are all good!

March Running List:

See all of the above. I feel like I have zero room to add anything new when these huge looming projects are still on my list. Things like “paint the bathroom” are going to have to wait.

What is on your To Do List?

Jan. Recap // February’s Project List

January’s Short List:

Organize all photographs from the babe’s first year. Done. Bam.

Clean out the Nursery. I have organized our binder (where I keep toy warranties, furniture instructions, medical bill summaries, etc.), cleaned out clothes and gave them to friends with babes, dumped old supplies and toys. So sad to see some of the baby things go but so nice to feel like I have a handle on all things Babe again!

Clean out my clothes. This really should be added to my running list. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes because you just never know when you may want that one black sweater again, or if those too big jeans may fit during the winter hibernation months. But I am consistently pulling out pieces and discarding them as I go, mostly to make more room!

Picture Frames. Ha. This has had zero progression. Oops. So much for harping on the husband!

January’s Running List:

Once pictures are organized, begin the babe’s baby album.Haven’t. Even. Started. Bad me.

Bedroom Update. Progress on this was halted during the flu sickness but should be picking back up after my trip. I am still trying to justifying buying 8 of these beauties. When I know I should be more practical and settle for these.

Blog Facelift. I hope ya’ll have enjoyed reading a bit more of my personal life; struggles, successes and what not. I have lots more planned for this year!

Keep up on my Health. Again- getting sick through a huge bump into this one. But we have started hiking again, both at work and at
February’s Short List:
Tax Preparation for 2013. Wow, I sound like such an adult! Scary.
February’s Running List:
Hoarder Room. We tend to through everything we want hidden into our office. Which then makes it not such a useable space. This has been an ongoing project to sort, organize and purge from this room! Oh- and decorate. It needs major decorating!

Seeing as January’s list still needs some attention and February is a short month (with two mini trips planned!) this is it. Wish me luck.

2014// The Year to Aspire

Happy New Year, and a late Happy Birthday to me!I wanted to wait before writing this post until I turned the big 2-8. Looking back over the last few years is an interesting one for me. They have been a whirlwind of excitement and change. There has been a Christmas engagement, followed by a November wedding, followed by a January pregnancy, and last year’s holidays were spent as a new mom. Needless to say- it’s been a ride.

I would love to say life is now settling down, and maybe compared to these huge milestones it is, but there is always some movement, always some change, always something happening. Which is the exciting part, right?!

Jessica Garvin from Little Baby Garvin (my favorite mom blog) hosted a link up with some other lovely ladies. They asked bloggers to respond to one or more of the following:
1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year & what is your plan for making it happen?
2. Many people chose a word to reflect on, live by or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it & how you plan to incorporate it into 2014.
3. I will make 2014 count by…
As mentioned, I don’t really do resolutions. But I love the idea of picking a word and running with it. So I gave it a lot of thought over my (partially tipsy) birthday weekend. What do I want 2014 and my 28th year to stand for? What do I want to achieve, push for, strive to be?

How difficult to sum it up in a word!

But I came to- a word in the question itself- Aspire.

Aspire: direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

There are so many things I have always wanted to achieve. Organize the house and focus on living a balanced life. Finish my degree and work on a career path that is more suited toward my own dreams. Be a mom that worries about the food my daughter eats, the books she reads, and the fun we have as a family.

This is the year I take my dreams and run with them. Take my hopes, wants, wishes, ideas… and go balls to the wall.

2014 is the year to Aspire toward greatness, in all ways it manifests itself.


Christmas Style // Babe

I have been majorly lacking on any Christmas updates, decorating, baking tips etc. Sorry! But the time to sit down (let alone actually do any of the above) has been few and far between. Have I mentioned I have yet to Christmas shop? I am taking a vote: Who wishes to push this all back a week?!

One thing I did manage to accomplish is the perfect Christmas dinner outfit for the babe. Me? No clue. But she is officially decked out in Christmas cheer!

Also- How am I just discovering Reef has kids shoes?! Probably a conspiracy with my husband somewhere in there…

Happy shopping!


|| ONE || TWO || THREE ||

Thanksgiving Style

I have had zero time or motivation to find the babe and I perfect Thanksgiving outfits. Not for a lack of amazing pieces out there. I am pretty obsessed lately with mustard yellows and golds paired with teal, burgundy, red, deep purples, and so on. Hoping if I place some online orders we may actually pull it together in time for Thanksgiving!



Beating my Holiday Slump

I am almost, almost past my holiday slump. The house as been as decorated as it is going to get for Halloween. Pumpkins have been carved and decorated. Brownies and pizza were made in celebration. And our little Babes DIY costume is in the works.

But there is still a part of me that feels slumpish (it’s a word, trust me). And I have come to the conclusion that for me, with a child and two families, the holidays fill me anxiety and dread trying to balance it all. I love to entertain, but now I find a houseful of people overwhelming and LOUD! Our families all get along, but we still find ourselves needing to split the time from one house to the next- attempting to keep everyone happy.

What I really want to do is bake Christmas cookies with royal icing (which never actually seems to happen) and dress up all fancy and stay indoors with my family of three while sipping champagne in front of the fireplace. Daydreamin much?!

Trying to put this all into perspective and back my holiday groove, here is a list of the things I am attempting to remind myself.

Remember Everyone has Good Intentions

There are things that I really want to do for my babe. I want to buy her special Christmas pajamas and a book every year to celebrate Christmas Eve. So if someone else decides to send over a book or pajamas that may make me want to cry in the corner. But that isn’t fair. They are not buying things to go above me, they are buying things because they love and want to spoil her! Same rule applies for wanting to spend everysinglemomentofeverysingleholiday with us. They love us. They want to be with us. Can I fault anyone for that?!

Decide What is Most Important

Decorating the house. Sending out Christmas Cards. Baking. Seeing Christmas lights. Creating traditions for my family of three. These are things that are important to me. I can let go of who cooks the turkey. I am trying to keep a mental list of what I really need from the holidays and letting go of the rest. I seem to want to do it all because it gives me a sense of control. Then I get upset when it doesn’t go as planned. I have to learn to take control only when it really matters to me.

Play the Balancing Act Wisely

It can be really exhausting to run from one house to the next. We tend to get our family together as often as possible to avoid this. But sometimes we each want to spend time with our families a little more one on one, and that is fine too. Most important to me is making sure everyone feels included.

It’s Okay to Say No

This is a hard one. It is hard to say no to family, and even more so to say no to your extended married life family. But I am learning if we stick together as our team of two and let it be okay to not please everyone, make it everywhere, attend every event my stress level is much lower. We try our best to get around to everyone at some point but sometimes we have to say no (or leave early) and that has to be okay too. The people that love us will understand. And if not eventually, they will get over it.

Like I said, I am new to this. Working my way through our second holiday season with a now very active toddler makes my head spin.  Any advice and tips from the veterans is, as always, very appreciated!

Beating the {Halloween} Blues (In 4 Easy Steps)

I am trying really hard to get into the Halloween spirit. Okay. I lied. I am not really doing anything at all. I am basically sitting in my own holiday shit.

I have been excited to dress up my daughter for Halloween since we knew we were having a girl. So this slump is not fun! Holidays have always been “my thing.” But I am finding as I get older, blending two families, and having a child it is all just really stressful. A big pat on the back to my mother and grandmother who never let us see them sweat during this time of year. I guess I need to put my game face on and get to it.

BuzzFeed No Carve Pumpkin Ideas (Click on Pic!)

To take the stress out of the holidays (and yes- Halloween is totally a holiday in my book) I think it’s important to step back and remember that it is supposed to be filled with family, friends and fun! Simple. Don’t overcomplicated it, don’t over-think it. This weekend will start the beginning of my mood makeover.  And because I am a planner, here is now I intent to get er done!

| ONE | Decorate the House: So important to get into the spirit of things.  We have a couple mini pumpkins on our mantel which look lonely and sad. Time to pull out the decorations from the garage and get the garland and lights hung up!

| TWO | A few simple DIY projects: I don’t have a ton of time that isn’t from 8pm on. Projects these days need to be low cost, minimal time with maximum results. Here are a few of my favorites that need to get accomplished asap. This also means a trip to Micheal’s! Did you know they have an App? Did you know they will text coupons to your phone? Mind. Blown. Go HERE to check it out.  Make sure to follow my Halloween Inspiration Pinterest board for all sorts of great ideas and projects!

| THREE | Dress the babe: I was drooling over THESE costumes a few months ago, but now knowing Halloween falls on a Thursday (aka a work day) I don’t see it happening. Instead we are opting for Gap Leopard Print Leggings and a matching black cat shirt from the Gap Outlet. Pair it with some ears and instant all day approved Halloween costume.  (Bonus points if Karen’s “I’m a mouse, duh!” popped into your head.)

| FOUR | Eat: Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more then eating. I have big plans for soup (because I could live off the stuff) and special treats. Jessica at Little Baby Garvin never fails with the candy popcorn inspiration. Ready to stuff my face with some goodies.

Already I am feeling a bit more festive and ready to tackle the start of the holiday season. Any more inspiration or words of encouragement for me?