Thankful for the Internet: Link Lovin’

Being a new(er) mom, I know first hand how crazy information overload can be. I tried once Googled if giving my 10 month old raspberries was going to kill her, or make her break out in hives, and found so much conflicting information it’s overwhelming! There are so many products, opinions, advice, and beyond adorable outfits out there for any mom to handle alone. The internet can be a truly scary place.


Which is why I am so thankful for the sense of community the blogging world can bring. On my most off days I can find humor, sincerity and advice from people around the globe that I have never met. Some of them I consider friends (much in the same way me and Tori Spelling are BFF’s).

So to show my thanks I have the fellow bloggers of the world I have decided today would be the perfect chance prior to Thanksgiving to send out a little link lovin’. This is only a small portion of my reading list (which you can also view on the right side of the screen somewhere!) and I would love to continue to share other favorites down the road! And as always- pass along your favorites!

Rome & Romie Beyond the Clothing has a special place in my heart. Not just because the writer is my BFF  but for the daily dose of motivational posts and wellness advice. I look at this blog like I look at my cup of coffee in the morning: I need it to get me going!

When I need to add some serious cute factor into my life I check out Jessica Garvin’s blog Little Baby Garvin. If you ever searched monthly bump pictures on Pinterest you have surely seen her amazing chalk boards. (I also 110% blame my Baby Gap obsession on this mama!) Jessica posts amazing event and holiday decor ideas, baby fashion, and lots of helpful parenting tips she has picked up along the way. I am just hoping her new baby bump doesn’t get me itching!

What do I have in common with a women on a different continent that looks like a model and has no children? Probably more then you would think. But I don’t even care because I die looking at her amazing fashion choices, recipes and food inspiration, and her hair… let’s not event talk about her hair. The Londoner reminds me that I am more then a mom and there is more then just my backdoor. She makes me want to get off my booty and travel. And eat. All while wearing killer heels and dresses.

When I was pregnant I could not get enough of Lay Baby Lay. The nursery designs are incredible. Once we finished ours, I had to stop looking in fear I would want to repaint to match the newest posted theme. One of my personal favorites is this lovely mermaid theme. Cannot get enough of it! Hmm… time to redecorate for a one year old room?….

A mutual Facebook friend recommended 29 and Nona one day and I am so glad she did. Coming from the same area of California as myself it’s always nice to connect with someone that see’s what you see- in a new light. Great fashion, great food, and my kind of humor makes this a great daily blog regardless of where you live! (But seriously- come to California because it’s pretty amazing here!)

Wild Wine County Wonder is a new blog that is always on my radar. I love blogs that aren’t just “mom blogs” or “travel blogs.” I like to feel like I am connecting with real women that have just as many sides to them as I do. This writer tells it like it is, with all the beauty of the world around her mixed in! Oh, and we actually are friends so I don’t have to completely cyber stalk her.

My new go to spot for all things recipes, fab beauty finds and more is How Sweet It Is . And better yet her commentary is pretty hilarious. We now must try all things Buffalo Chicken in our house. I blame her. And thank her.

A childless friend recently introduced me to this gem, which is seeming to become an internet sensation. It may just be my new guilty obsession pleasure. Tiffany Beveridge, a real mom and blogger, has created a Pinterest board dedicated to her “Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter” Quinoa (strangely enough, that name kinda works…). When I need a laugh (or amazing outfit inspiration!) I turn here! The pictures chronicle Quinoa and her group of friends through life’s daily routine. Tiffany uses those ridiculous, and usually pretty incredible, looking children’s ads to create an entire world centered around the miniature elite.  It is pretty indescribable, really, so check it out HERE! And make sure to follow her on Instagram.

A huge sincere thank you to all the blogs above that have inspired me to start my own and continue to “be there” for me when I need a break and a good laugh!

Rome and Romie Giveaway Final Days

Last days of the Rome and Romie Giveaway! Don’t forget to enter to win a women’s fitness tank in honor of the launch!

Comment on the original post, or below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception or question for your chance to rock one of these inspirational tops!

The winner will be chosen by creator and blogger Kayleena with a special post on the Beyond the Clothing blog dedicated to her response.

And make sure to check out Rome and Romie for more fitness gear!

Which reminds me, which way is the gym again?! …. Happy workout!


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Mama Inspired: Rome & Romie and Beyond the Clothing (Giveaway details!)

It is rare in life when someone throws themselves full force into their dreams. It is probably even more rare when that person is the mother of a one year old.

But that is exactly what Kayleena Meyers is doing with her life these days. Running after her one year old son while also running toward her dreams.

rome and romie, fitness giveaway

As a fitness and wellness guru at heart, Kayleena has motivated and inspired her students on a daily basis as an instructor. But with her passion only reaching those locally she knew she needed to find a way to branch out and help others reach their own personal goals.

You can now find Kayleena at Beyond the Clothing. Writing as a mother, an instructor, and a real life person trying to juggle it all. Her blog is full of inspiration and information to get your motivated and moving!

And to rock this mama’s fitness style head over to Rome and Romie to snag some fitness swag.


One of our lucky readers will be chosen by Kayleena to win a women’s fitness tank!

Leave a comment below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception, or question for a chance to win! The winning comment will be chosen by Rome & Romie and answered on the Beyond the Clothing blog.


No purchase necessary to enter. Limit two entries per person. No cash value. Contest closes midnight August 23rd.