Toddler Tales: Potty Training

Little Bug is turning 2 in a couple weeks, and with a few Summer road trips behind us, a little peer pressure from family members, and letting go of a bit of denial- we have decided to Potty Train.

I did my research, when do I not Google endlessly? But mostly- I decided to wing it. Very unlike me.

The Ground Rules:

  • No leaving the house.
  • Special Dora underwear and her very own potty arrived the night before to add to the excitement. (We keep the excitement level as high as possible about pee and poop in our house!)
  • Timer on for every 20-30 mins. If after 5 mins and no go- the timer is reset for another 10-15 mins.
  • No iPad or iPhone. This was a big one for me. I did not want the bathroom to become a place to get away being glued to a screen. We limit the amount of screen time (to the best of our ability) and didn’t want the potty to be another place she knew she could get to watch one more cartoon. (Much like Starbucks has become…) We do allow crayons, play piano, doodle board, etc.
  • No treats. My thinking is this: If she wants a cookie she will go sit on the potty. If she doesn’t really care about the cookie, she will pee behind the couch. Not sure if this is true or not, but with lots of verbal positive encouragement and a really great pee pee dance, no cookies have been harmed thus far.

So far she has done great. Only a couple accidents a day, each day becoming a bit less, I feel like we are doing something right. For me, this is balls to the wall, all in. I had this fear of starting too early and needing to stop, but now I can see that she is getting the concept so I just have to accept the accidents as they come. While this may sound sort of horrible, I keep thinking of this dog training analogy. If your puppy pees on the floor, it’s not his fault, it’s yours for not watching him. So with that being said- I am ready to accept my punishment!

(Oh and for those of you wondering about operation cleaneveryroominthewholeentirehouse a minor hangover and a major earthquake threw those plans up into the air. But it will happen…someday!)

Tips, tricks, advice that worked for you?

Something to Be

If you haven’t watched Lupita Nyong’o’s amazing speech on beauty, if you haven’t shared it with your daughters, your friends, you must. Right now. (Okay, keep reading first!)

This struck me in a way that will stay with me, that I hope to remember when my own daughter is grown. So much so I made a cute little printable for ya’ll to print and post somewhere you will see every single day.  Like your mirror!


“… my mother again would say to me, “You can’t eat beauty. It doesn’t feed you.” And these words plagued and bothered me; I didn’t really understand them until finally I realized that beauty was not a thing that I could acquire or consume, it was something that I just had to be.

And what my mother meant when she said you can’t eat beauty was that you can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.”

Be sure to watch Lupita’s entire speech HERE via Upworthy!


The Un-Edited Tales of a Married Working 20 Something Year Old Mother: Toddler Tales

I have been fooling myself into thinking that I love this age. I do not. At just shy of 16 months I feel like we are getting a very early taste of the toddler twos. And it doesn’t taste good.



The Selfie taken by my daughter when she magically managed to hijack my phone

Don’t get me wrong. I love how interactive she is, I love that she mimics what we say, has a strong imagination, can play effortlessly with herself and others. I do not love the opinions, the tantrums, the yelling, the throwing of the sippy cup (as well as other various food pieces) and the new found clingyness she gets to whomever she has momentarily decided to be her favorite.
This stage has also been put the most weight on my marriage. Nap time has dwindled down to (sometimes) two naps a day and awake time is spent running, leaping and using the word “No” far too frequently. Getting on pajamas some nights feels more like training for an Olympic marathon and patience for just about everything can wear a little thin. There is less time to connect, less mom and dad time. Which makes it all the more important for play dates with the grandparents and movie dinner dates for us.
If this is a taste of what to come- then at least we are learning how to weather the storm as a team. But damn if it isn’t exhausting.

I love my family. I love my daughter. That goes without saying. Watching her try and run around the park, chasing the dog may be the actual reason I am on this earth. Why there are not museums full of pictures of toddlers trying to attempt…well anything really… is beyond me. Mona Lisa has nothing on my kid’s smile.
Toddlerhood is not for the faint of heart. I find myself crossing my fingers I get a nice long morning nap out of her while secretly hoping she wakes up so we can keep playing and cuddling. It is one big roller coaster that puts knots in your stomach in line and keeps you coming back for more!
*Note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and I can say that as we approach one and a half things are getting easier and much more fun. She is now able to communicate with us about what book she wants to read, when she is done with dinner, and even call the dog. With this comes more opinions but at least I am not throwing rocks in dark trying to figure her out!*


Weekly Distract

I am having a hard time accepting that it is almost the middle of January. Where is the time going?
This is what is on my mind this beautiful California winter day!

Flu Season. I am terrified to watch the news these days. I know this is a heated topic, and while I am all for each person making the decisions they feel are best for themselves and their families, I think we can all admit that in the Bay Area- shit is getting real. So I manned up and got my flu shot over the weekend. I look at it this way, A seat belt may not save my life in an accident, but I buckle up every time I get in the car. Food for thought!

This. Any blog post that makes you completely rethink your roll as a women. What we can accomplish, who we can be, the ones that paved the way ahead of us. What three women would you list?

My little babe turned 16 months today. Beyond. Crazy. She is getting so smart and using so many words I am having a hard time remembering what my little baby was like. But I love watching her grow! A growth chart has been on the list of things to get for awhile now so I figure that we have 2 months before she is a year and a half and that will be our starting point for documenting her growth. Loving the wood growth chart rulers I am seeing all over Etsy.

Resolutions. You have heard me say this a few times, but yea- not so much into making resolutions. I think I don’t want to deal with the failure of them. How is that for honesty? What I have decided to do is make some monthly and reoccurring goals for myself. Stay tuned for January’s list and progression!

Valentines Day. Only my most favorite commercial holiday of the year. I love the colors, the treats, the themes. I need to begin plotting our Valentines Day adventure. Slowly each year I convince my husband a little more that this is the most fun holiday. We usually cook an amazing meal and stay in with all our favorite foods. And of course it means a month full of red and pink outfits for the babe. And probably a couple for me as well.

Vegas. A much needed weekend away is approaching and I am so beyond excited for it. Big plans including attempting the new social experiment Rose. Rabbit. Lie and the Britney Spears concert is sure to make for some fabulous memories. Now if only I could find a dress! My favorite online shopping these days are ASOS, Nasty Gal, Miss Guided and Revolve Clothing. Any others that I must check out?!


Written to my daughter, three months old, on the most unimaginable day.

“…there have been things in the world that have made me want to hold you even closer; protect you in the walls of our home. But even with all the bad in the world, there is good and beauty still left for you to discover and, more importantly, be a part of. I promise to always remind you of that. To always help you find the beauty.”

My thoughts continue to be with the families of this tragedy and others around the globe.

Remember to find the beautify each and every day. And to always help those that need to see it as well.

Christmas Gift Guide: Mama & Babe

Something that is super important in our household is not going overboard on making presents the main focus of the holidays. We realize that our friends and family want to spoil us all, but as a child I was more in love with the sights, sounds, smells and food of the holidays then presents and I want that for my own babe.

But, let’s be honest, getting shit is fun. And giving it is fun. So why not, right? As long we keep a little perspective. With that being said I am totally buying into thought process of Something to You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read! Simple, cute, done! (This is sort of a cheat for both me and babe because of course Wear and Want are basically the same!) I threw in a little stocking stuffer for me because my nails are in some desperate need of holiday cheer!

MamaWish, gift guide, women christmas list


BABEWish, toddler christmas list, toddler gift guide


Happy Hunting!

Living Fashionably :: Mini Shoes and Our Horrifying Shopping Experience

Let me start this off by saying that I had the most terrifying experience shoe shopping for my daughter. So much so, that the idea of toddler foot fashion was almost lost on me for good.

A few weeks back I ventured to Stride Rite with my mother and mother in law for babes first real pair of shoes (minus the pair of Converse my mother, the shopaholic, couldn’t pass up).  There were kids yelling and running a muck (my daughter included), balls flying, parents arguing. I kid you not, I heard “Let’s just go- I will have to take her to Nordstrom’s.” Um- yes. Why aren’t we both there right now?! I literally had that panicky, must take off my jacket, there is no oxygen in the room moment. Babe was bound to be an only child from this one store shopping experience alone. If it wasn’t for the most adorable brother and sister duo that looked about as frightened as I felt I may have lost it and ran out screaming.

But after getting her measured and picking out two okay(ish) pairs, we got out of there before I went batshitcrazy. Luckily Aldo provided some more then necessary retail therapy and Mama got herself some brand new boots (times two…thanks to my own Mama). Shoes  shopping was redeemed.

But I was sad. Are all kid shoe stores like this one? Does every girl toddler shoe have some sort of crappy sparkle? Are there no boat shoes past a size three?!

My sadness was quickly turned around by the beautiful land of Online Shopping and my uncanny ability to shop like I have a Black Card. Which I don’t. Sad.

I am back in love with children’s fashion and I have Tom, Hunter and Michael (among some others) to thank for that.

shoes, kids shoes, baby shoes, infant fashion shoes| Minnetonka Ankle Boots | Tom Glitter Tiny Classics | Hunter Rain Boots | Zara Basketball Shoes | See Kai Run  Ankle Boot |

My round up of some cute kid styles, and the best part, most of these companies make adult shoes as well. Score!

Happy Shoe Hunting!