Weekly Distract: Spring

It is basically Spring here. In fact, we pretty much skipped Winter all together. I think I have to take responsibility for this. True story. My mom bought me these magnificent Hunter Rain Boots for my birthday so of course it can’t actually rain. Sorry California.

Saint Patrick’s Day is next week. Does that freak anyone else out? Where did March go? Where did January and February go? I have no special green for me or the babe so it looks like my evening will be filled with a bit of online shopping! Because we need new green. Need. I have to say, the selection of actual Saint Patty’s Day gear out there is pretty bare bones.

If you haven’t checked out Beyond the Clothing and my Wednesday Balance guest posts please do! Fitness and wellness needs to be a priority for us all, so why not have a support system along the way. Plus I know the chic that started it all- and she’s pretty cool.

My television watching is starting to get out of control. But there are so many good things I am watching right now. Resurrection- amazing. I am not usually one for the more SciFi type show but this one has me intrigued. My Pretty Little Liars obsession is beyond. We are also starting the thought process of getting rid of cable. At $150 a month (including internet) it just seems like way to much for the few shows we are addicted to. So I started streaming NetFlix through our Bluray and American Horror Story and the newer 90210 are on constant play. Yea know, gotta balance out the horror in my life with some cheese! Anyone make the switch? Forbes is trying to convince me!

Be sure to (finally) check out The Shop. I will be adding products I love and would love to have along with free printables along the way! And as always, if you see something you think I would like be sure to send it my way!

Send me your love 🙂

Christmas Gift Guide: Mama & Babe

Something that is super important in our household is not going overboard on making presents the main focus of the holidays. We realize that our friends and family want to spoil us all, but as a child I was more in love with the sights, sounds, smells and food of the holidays then presents and I want that for my own babe.

But, let’s be honest, getting shit is fun. And giving it is fun. So why not, right? As long we keep a little perspective. With that being said I am totally buying into thought process of Something to You Want, Something You Need, Something To Wear, Something To Read! Simple, cute, done! (This is sort of a cheat for both me and babe because of course Wear and Want are basically the same!) I threw in a little stocking stuffer for me because my nails are in some desperate need of holiday cheer!

MamaWish, gift guide, women christmas list


BABEWish, toddler christmas list, toddler gift guide


Happy Hunting!

Thanksgiving Style

I have had zero time or motivation to find the babe and I perfect Thanksgiving outfits. Not for a lack of amazing pieces out there. I am pretty obsessed lately with mustard yellows and golds paired with teal, burgundy, red, deep purples, and so on. Hoping if I place some online orders we may actually pull it together in time for Thanksgiving!



Living Fashionably :: Mini Shoes and Our Horrifying Shopping Experience

Let me start this off by saying that I had the most terrifying experience shoe shopping for my daughter. So much so, that the idea of toddler foot fashion was almost lost on me for good.

A few weeks back I ventured to Stride Rite with my mother and mother in law for babes first real pair of shoes (minus the pair of Converse my mother, the shopaholic, couldn’t pass up).  There were kids yelling and running a muck (my daughter included), balls flying, parents arguing. I kid you not, I heard “Let’s just go- I will have to take her to Nordstrom’s.” Um- yes. Why aren’t we both there right now?! I literally had that panicky, must take off my jacket, there is no oxygen in the room moment. Babe was bound to be an only child from this one store shopping experience alone. If it wasn’t for the most adorable brother and sister duo that looked about as frightened as I felt I may have lost it and ran out screaming.

But after getting her measured and picking out two okay(ish) pairs, we got out of there before I went batshitcrazy. Luckily Aldo provided some more then necessary retail therapy and Mama got herself some brand new boots (times two…thanks to my own Mama). Shoes  shopping was redeemed.

But I was sad. Are all kid shoe stores like this one? Does every girl toddler shoe have some sort of crappy sparkle? Are there no boat shoes past a size three?!

My sadness was quickly turned around by the beautiful land of Online Shopping and my uncanny ability to shop like I have a Black Card. Which I don’t. Sad.

I am back in love with children’s fashion and I have Tom, Hunter and Michael (among some others) to thank for that.

shoes, kids shoes, baby shoes, infant fashion shoes| Minnetonka Ankle Boots | Tom Glitter Tiny Classics | Hunter Rain Boots | Zara Basketball Shoes | See Kai Run  Ankle Boot |

My round up of some cute kid styles, and the best part, most of these companies make adult shoes as well. Score!

Happy Shoe Hunting!

miniFASHIONISTA Memory and Reading Book

I have been so excited to unveil my newest project. It has taken me much longer then anticipated due to my poor time management skills these days, BUT I am finally done!

Introducing our miniFASHIONISTA Memory and Reading Book.

baby clothing memory book

Going through her clothes has been rough on me. She has such a cute and stylish wardrobe that was outgrown much too quickly. I knew I didn’t want to keep a ton of clothes. But I also didn’t know how to preserve the memory of these adorable outfits. I searched Pintrest and Google but I kept seeing the same thing over and over, making a quilt. I see a couple problems with that. One: I am nursery obsessed and it simply would not coordinate (silly I know). Two: I couldn’t ruin all of these cute clothes and could be passed to friends and family. Three: Oh yea… and I don’t quilt.

I knew I needed to do something digital. Back to Pintrest and nada.

Inspiration came from the weirdest of places. I had converted all of our pictures on the fridge to Instagram Magnets (a much cleaner look- highly suggest it) and it dawned on me that I could use this format to create something really unique using my iPhone/computer but in book form. A way to save a piece of her little itsy bitsy clothing without actually destroying. I now can stash away our favorites (aka the floral printed skinny jeans I was obsessed with) send others off as hand me downs, and sell/donate the rest.

The Process:

I created a new private Instagram account and started snapping away as I went through her clothes. I made sure to pick pieces she had actually worn and that I really loved. Then I used Blurb.com to create an Instagram book (super easy and convenient). When appropriate I added a single word “elephant” or “button” that one day we can use as a reading tool. (If I ever actually let her touch the book for more then a quick photo.) And there you have it, an easy way to make those adorable, and often pricy clothes, last without cutting them up into pieces.


Looking back over the pictures spark an instant memory for me. I don’t need to see the whole piece or even be able to feel it to picture her hanging out in her bouncer in an adorable sweet pea onesie.

*Here are a few alternatives to the process*

  • Use pictures of your babes in the clothes, cropping to highlight their cute style over their smiling faces
  • Use one page as a close up of the item and the next page of a picture of your darlings in it. (I had high hopes of accomplishing this, but will require a bit more time and planning)
  • Instragram was an easy “cheat” for me with their array of filters and easy uploading process. Photoshop fans can easily create their own versions using actions, brushes, typography, etc. PicMonkey is another online photo editing tool that would be really helpful. You get the idea. There are a lot of options out there!

I cannot wait to keep this tradition going and see how it morphs itself as her and her clothes grow.

Make sure to stay tuned for book #2 which is already in the works!


*Please feel free to pass this idea along, giving credit where credit is due. Also, all pictures are personal property of Liv With Roses. I in no way claim to be the sole person responsible for generating this adorable idea. The idea for this book came to me from out of the blue. Although I searched to see if anyone else was sharing something similar I found nothing. I am sure it has occurred to someone else as well so if you have seen this elsewhere please share!*