Weekly Distract: Spring

It is basically Spring here. In fact, we pretty much skipped Winter all together. I think I have to take responsibility for this. True story. My mom bought me these magnificent Hunter Rain Boots for my birthday so of course it can’t actually rain. Sorry California.

Saint Patrick’s Day is next week. Does that freak anyone else out? Where did March go? Where did January and February go? I have no special green for me or the babe so it looks like my evening will be filled with a bit of online shopping! Because we need new green. Need. I have to say, the selection of actual Saint Patty’s Day gear out there is pretty bare bones.

If you haven’t checked out Beyond the Clothing and my Wednesday Balance guest posts please do! Fitness and wellness needs to be a priority for us all, so why not have a support system along the way. Plus I know the chic that started it all- and she’s pretty cool.

My television watching is starting to get out of control. But there are so many good things I am watching right now. Resurrection- amazing. I am not usually one for the more SciFi type show but this one has me intrigued. My Pretty Little Liars obsession is beyond. We are also starting the thought process of getting rid of cable. At $150 a month (including internet) it just seems like way to much for the few shows we are addicted to. So I started streaming NetFlix through our Bluray and American Horror Story and the newer 90210 are on constant play. Yea know, gotta balance out the horror in my life with some cheese! Anyone make the switch? Forbes is trying to convince me!

Be sure to (finally) check out The Shop. I will be adding products I love and would love to have along with free printables along the way! And as always, if you see something you think I would like be sure to send it my way!

Send me your love 🙂

Feb. Recap // March’s Project List

Can you believe it is March. I may be in denial. First part of the year is almost over! And barely any rain!

I have not been the best about keeping up on my goals but I am back in go mode so I think we will be seeing some real progress started! First a recap, then on to new challenges!

February’s Short List Progress Recap:

Tax Preparation for 2013. Done and Done. Look at me being all adult!

Picture Frames. From January and still NO new frames on the wall. Sad. Sad Day.

February’s Running List Progress Recap:

Babe’s Baby Album. Ugh. I can’t event talk about it. I want it done so badly but it is just NOT happening.

Bedroom update. I cleaned, does that count?!

Hoarder Room. We tend to through everything we want hidden into our office. Which then makes it not such a useable space. This has been an ongoing project to sort, organize and purge from this room! Oh- and decorate. It needs major decorating!

Blog Facelift. Okay, so I started a new blog. New name and everything. Feels more “me” or true to myself. But I can’t seem to make the transition over. Thoughts? Should I just live here and continue to find my voice? If you are eager to compare check out http://www.onmebecoming.wordpress.com and let me know your thoughts!

Health. I am super proud to share I am now a contributing author over at Beyond The Clothing! Which means not only do I need to focus on my health, I need to write about it! Yikes, but so exciting to be surrounded by a supportive, strong group of women! Please, please check it out HERE.

March Short List:

Order growth chart before the babe turns one and a half. Boom, check that off already! It takes two weeks to get here so we are missing our deadline a bit but at least it’s on order!

New Day Planner. Check! Look at me, ahead of the curve. But seeing as it is March and I am just now getting around to ordering one, that also makes me a bit behind. Details!

Switch Cable Providers: To none. Yep, that is right, our goal is to get rid of digital cable asap. We are spending way to much for a handful of shows. As long as I can continue to watch Pretty Little Liars when we are all good!

March Running List:

See all of the above. I feel like I have zero room to add anything new when these huge looming projects are still on my list. Things like “paint the bathroom” are going to have to wait.

What is on your To Do List?

Rome and Romie Giveaway Final Days

Last days of the Rome and Romie Giveaway! Don’t forget to enter to win a women’s fitness tank in honor of the launch!

Comment on the original post, or below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception or question for your chance to rock one of these inspirational tops!

The winner will be chosen by creator and blogger Kayleena with a special post on the Beyond the Clothing blog dedicated to her response.

And make sure to check out Rome and Romie for more fitness gear!

Which reminds me, which way is the gym again?! …. Happy workout!


See the original post for contest details!

Mama Inspired: Rome & Romie and Beyond the Clothing (Giveaway details!)

It is rare in life when someone throws themselves full force into their dreams. It is probably even more rare when that person is the mother of a one year old.

But that is exactly what Kayleena Meyers is doing with her life these days. Running after her one year old son while also running toward her dreams.

rome and romie, fitness giveaway

As a fitness and wellness guru at heart, Kayleena has motivated and inspired her students on a daily basis as an instructor. But with her passion only reaching those locally she knew she needed to find a way to branch out and help others reach their own personal goals.

You can now find Kayleena at Beyond the Clothing. Writing as a mother, an instructor, and a real life person trying to juggle it all. Her blog is full of inspiration and information to get your motivated and moving!

And to rock this mama’s fitness style head over to Rome and Romie to snag some fitness swag.


One of our lucky readers will be chosen by Kayleena to win a women’s fitness tank!

Leave a comment below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception, or question for a chance to win! The winning comment will be chosen by Rome & Romie and answered on the Beyond the Clothing blog.


No purchase necessary to enter. Limit two entries per person. No cash value. Contest closes midnight August 23rd.

Sneak Peak

Super exciting stuff happening! I can’t let you in on ALL of it, but I will give you a little taste.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY contest! I promise, you will want to check this out!

Also, in the coming weeks a new project will finally be hitting the blog. A little fashion, a little fashionista, and a little Instagram make for some goodness.

I finally have progress on birthday party invites. Considering we have a month from yesterday until the party of the year (literally) this mama needs to get moving!

Coming soon as well, an update for the boudoir shopping addict.

So much fun I can hardly stop from posting everything now… but I won’t. Because I’m a mean girl like that!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our giveaway details!

Workin It (and Lookin the Part)

I have to say, I am feeling good these days. I wanted to get back into a routine that felt manageable and simple, but effective. Currently I am going to spin class two days a week for half and hour on my lunch break and doing an ab routine as a cool down (more on this to come). Then my husband and I grab the kiddo and the dog and take a nice hike Saturday mornings. We also take a few quick family walks together throughout the evenings. This is my stepping stone, something to build upon. I believe that a lifestyle change takes time. If you throw yourself into anything too quickly frustration will follow and the tendency to give up is much more likely. Like everything else in life, balance is key.
Now that I have a good routine going, it’s time to reward myself with some new workout gear. Clothes do not make the workout. A great example of this is the girls walking on the treadmills in full makeup and booty shorts while I am a red, sweaty mess. Guess who just burned more calories. If you are planning on getting back on the wagon, stop yourself from running out and buying a new wardrobe. Let that be a reward once you have conquered a class, made it a month, reached a milestone goal weight, etc.
Now that I have successfully gotten my gym on, here are a few things I am looking to put on:
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is amazing the difference drinking water will make in your mental and physical health! Drink up!
Happy workout!


Being Fab (& Getting Fit) Summer’s Top 5 Tips

I did it. I finally… after way longer then I am going to admit…made it back to the gym.  Okay, okay to offer full disclosure, I am not sure exactly how long it has been. Let’s just say this. The last time I went I was visibly pregnant and my daughter is now 9 months old. Not to say I have been completely lazy. I stayed very active during my entire pregnancy, taking lots of walks and hikes. My post baby life has been busy, and my fitness routine has lagged to say the least. But after coming to terms that my post-baby self is never coming back (and that’s okay!) I realized my health needs to become a priority. Here are the top 5 ways I plan on getting (and staying) fit and fab this summer, and all year-long!
1.       Choose obtainable goals
Pinterest fitness boards upset me. I see a model quality body with a headline along the lines of “the 3 minute routine that will get you these abs” and we all know that is crap. If there were some magic 3 minute workout that allowed me to still pig out on In & Out burgers and have abs of steel, trust me, I would be all for it. But the truth is you have to put in the time and the work. Seeing these pictures can be discouraging, but they don’t have to be.  Make sure you are setting goals you can actually achieve. Start simple and build up. For inspiration my current fitness goal is to build my leg and knee strength (from a prior injury) and in the processes tone my cute little butt and thighs for shorts season.  As you get going check in with yourself (that means being honest with yourself!) and reassess your goals
2.       Make a game plan
I am a planner. I need to know what is going on, when, where, and how. So walking blindly into a gym can be overwhelming. For me, classes are a huge help. I can plan my day around an express class at lunch time, or an evening class after work. I have an instructor that is teaching me correct form, and pushing me to do my best. But if classes (or the gym) aren’t for you, make sure you have a plan of how to make the most out of your work out. Create a special play list that will get you moving, keep a list of YouTube video on your phone or iPod to follow along to, do a little research of how to properly use equipment, or moves you can do without before you get started. Once the game plan is in place, your workout will go a lot smoother and you will get the most out of your time. Below are a few links that can help!
3.       Bring it into the kitchen…
Being fit should also mean being healthy. And a workout routine isn’t going to get you there alone. Make sure you are bringing a healthy change to your lifestyle. Summer is such a great time to revamp the way you eat with all of the fresh fruits and produce at your finger tips. Start with a green smoothie, a summer salad, or a healthy pasta dish, just make sure you aren’t sabotaging your workout with bad eating habits. You will be surprised with how easy it is to maintain great eating habits once you make it a habit.
4.       …Take it outside…
Walk, hike, ride a bike, go on a canoe trip. Find way to make the great outdoors a part of your workout routine, and part of your lifestyle. There is nothing like a little fresh air to lift your mood and calm your stresses. Grab a friend and get moving. Enjoying the beauty around you will make you forget you are also getting an amazing workout. (Nothing says butt lift like a hike uphill.) Grab your camera and snap some instagram worthy shots as you go!
5.       …And leave the self-doubt at the door.
When I am not good at something I tend to stop doing it. Worst. Habit. Ever. Screw karma because I think self-doubt is the real bitch. When you start doubting your abilities, you limit yourself and set yourself back. You may not be reaching your goals as quickly as you like (time to check in with yourself) or have missed a step or two on your game plan. But that doesn’t spell failure and that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It means it is time to get back on track. The only person stopping you is you. So you pigged out one night on burgers, fries, and two desserts. Today is a new day and past mistakes only matter in the past. Push through it and forward and check your doubt at the door.
(And for those of you that are muttering to yourselves, yea yea I have heard this all before (like I very often said)…then I challenge you, what are you waiting for?! Game on bitches!)
For more fabulously fit information and inspiration check out these great resources!