Living Fashionably: Boudoir Classics

Time has seriously gotten away from me. Not sure where it went, but with Fall right around the corner my post baby boudoir pics are fast approaching. ASOS is my go to for basically everything. Free shipping and returns, and no lines. Yes please.

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I believe your undergarments should make you feel pretty and sexy. When it comes to what you wear strive to be “wildly sexy and unbelievably cute all at the same time.” (Bonus points if you can name this movie quote!)

Remember when buying for any sort of photo-shoot (even family photos apply to this rule!) always choose timeless over trendy. And there is NO reason I can fathom that having some pretty bra and panty sets for a typical ole boring Monday is not completely necessary. Every women feels better when she is wearing pretty lace undies. Am I wrong?! Didn’t think so!

Happy shopping!

Capturing my own version of perfection

I am kind of obsessed with boudoir shoots. Not in a weird fetish sort of way, but in an always secretly dreamed of being a VS Angel kind of way. I had big plans of presenting my husband-to-be with a sexy photo album of me before our wedding. Then life happened, and that never happened. Planning a wedding and working full time, our big day was upon us much faster then I had anticipated.

Shortly after we said our I Do’s we decided to stop not trying to have a baby (that’s a clever way of saying no birth control). Then I got pregnant. Really fast. Apparently I come from a fertile family. Dream shattered. Moment over.  So I did the next best thing, I took very classy, but slightly sexy maternity pictures. I wanted to embrace my body and the beauty that I felt. I channeled my inner Christina Aguilera, and bared it all for the camera.

So here I am, just shy of one year postpartum, planning my one-year present to myself, a boudoir shoot sans baby belly.  And this got me thinking as to why I feel it is so important for every women at some point in her life to put it all out there.

We spend a lot of time as women being hard on our bodies. As teens, we judge ourselves against impossible standards. Our early 20’s are spent with too many drinks and food that can be ordered through a speaker (which is a shame looking back, because that 20 year old body was pretty amazing). But our later 20’s and early 30’s we are in our prime! We finally appreciate what our bodies have become. Any women that has had a child has seen first hand how utterly incredible the human body is. (Superman has shit on us!) This is a time of feeling empowered, strong, sexy… and why not capture that on camera?

In the beginning I wanted my husband to have an picture of me that he could have forever, his young wife looking incredibly sexy. But now it is about me. About capturing the feeling I have toward my body and the attitude I have toward life. I have learned that being healthy and being happy is far more important then trying to fit into an image of perfection. I want my daughter to grow up with a mom that shows her confidence and a healthy self image. I want capture these feelings of finally feeling like I have truly become a women. (Insert cheesy Britney Spears song here if you must.) And mostly, I want to look back when I am old and wrinkled (or possibly Botox filled, still on the fence) and think “Damn, I was hot!” There is such logic in Sex and the City reruns:

This is not about a man’s approval. This photo is just for me so when I’m old and my tits

are in my shoes I can look at it and say ¨Damn, I was hot.¨

Samantha, Sex and the City

I have a few months to plan (or scheme as I like to call it) before my scheduled shoot. From hair and makeup, to clothing optional accessories, there is so much fun in the entire process. If you are on the fence about booking your own boudoir photoshoot, keep reading as I update on my journey with tips, tricks and advice from the pros! And make sure to follow my Pinterest board for even more inspiration!