Let’s Go Glamping

With Labor Day fast approaching (or as I like to call it, my original Due Date) I know so many will be heading out into the great outdoors.

Personally, I have never really been one to have much opinion on camping. While I love being outdoors, around a campfire, eating burgers and smores the whole sleeping in a tent, showering (if you are lucky) in a bathroom out of a horror movie (lets not even mention peeing in the middle of the night) are major turn offs. Having a baby threw any slight desire to go camping right out of the window. Our little babe has been a sound sleeper from the beginning, all safe and warm in her own environment (ie pack n play or crib). I cannot fathom trying to get her (now almost two self) asleep in a tent. The only exception I will make is if my parents come along and bring their trailer.

With all that being said- one thing I want to do, no NEED to do, is go Glamping.

I cannot even. How amazing to sleep in a totally glamorous Airstream? Or a teepee large enough to fit a four post bed? This sounds much more like a weekend getaway sans babe (hm, third year anniversary idea?!)

And can you image the outfits?



Why is this not happening? I think a little plotting planning may be happening.
Have you glamped?

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