Toddler Tales: Potty Training

Little Bug is turning 2 in a couple weeks, and with a few Summer road trips behind us, a little peer pressure from family members, and letting go of a bit of denial- we have decided to Potty Train.

I did my research, when do I not Google endlessly? But mostly- I decided to wing it. Very unlike me.

The Ground Rules:

  • No leaving the house.
  • Special Dora underwear and her very own potty arrived the night before to add to the excitement. (We keep the excitement level as high as possible about pee and poop in our house!)
  • Timer on for every 20-30 mins. If after 5 mins and no go- the timer is reset for another 10-15 mins.
  • No iPad or iPhone. This was a big one for me. I did not want the bathroom to become a place to get away being glued to a screen. We limit the amount of screen time (to the best of our ability) and didn’t want the potty to be another place she knew she could get to watch one more cartoon. (Much like Starbucks has become…) We do allow crayons, play piano, doodle board, etc.
  • No treats. My thinking is this: If she wants a cookie she will go sit on the potty. If she doesn’t really care about the cookie, she will pee behind the couch. Not sure if this is true or not, but with lots of verbal positive encouragement and a really great pee pee dance, no cookies have been harmed thus far.

So far she has done great. Only a couple accidents a day, each day becoming a bit less, I feel like we are doing something right. For me, this is balls to the wall, all in. I had this fear of starting too early and needing to stop, but now I can see that she is getting the concept so I just have to accept the accidents as they come. While this may sound sort of horrible, I keep thinking of this dog training analogy. If your puppy pees on the floor, it’s not his fault, it’s yours for not watching him. So with that being said- I am ready to accept my punishment!

(Oh and for those of you wondering about operation cleaneveryroominthewholeentirehouse a minor hangover and a major earthquake threw those plans up into the air. But it will happen…someday!)

Tips, tricks, advice that worked for you?

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