Fluffing Off the Excess

You know that feeling where you start to feel overwhelmed? Not just with out To Do List but life in general. Where things seem a tad bit out of control, or unbalanced. I am at this point. A very special 30th birthday for a friend, a very special 2nd birthday for my daughter, and this little thing they call everyday life has thrown off my game a touch.

The mountains of paperwork on my desk are about to fall down.

The DIY To Do list is getting a little out of control.

Attempting to plan a lunch date is looking like mid September.
My house is in serious need of a deep clean.

Did I mention we are potty training this weekend?

When things feel this way, I begin to look around me. And it is not looking good.

I am in need of a serious purge. Some organization and reorganization is past due.

There is something really amazing the effect of a clean space can have on your psyche. So I am dedicating this weekend to going through every drawer, every cabinet and having a gigantic Pre Fall Purge. 

I will be at home, and in the bathroom every 30 minutes, as it is. What a perfect time to de-clutter my living space in an attempt to re-balance my life.

Wish me luck?

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