Back In The Drivers Seat

I have started and stopped this blog post about 100 times over the last two months. Things have been busy and when they are not busy my motivation lacks.

Where have I been? (Watching past episodes of Gossip Girl actually!)

I been a wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, blog Editor in Chief for Beyond the Clothing

But I miss this. I miss my little corner of the internet without outside opinions or distractions.


Right now everything is at a bit of a crossroads. Big decisions need to be made (both personal and professional) but right now I am sittin’ pretty, ‘watching the tide pass me by.’ (Name that tune!)

┬áBut the good news is, I have more to offer. More to share. And my mojo back to do just that. So if you are a past reader… Hello again. And if you are new… Nice to meet you!