The Back Seat

I have been staring at a computer screen for what feels like days on end! Needless to say, this blog has taken a backseat to things like work, family and work over at Beyond The Clothing. Funny that I write about balance over there… but really, I feel pretty balanced this days. Well- most days.

I have thought about moving on from this blog, starting something else, or just committing to other projects- but I like it here, even if it has been moved to the back seat for a bit.

A little back story on the name, because I am not sure if I ever explained it properly. Liv is the nickname of my daughter, or as I refer to her “the babe.” And Rose is a family name. So basically my husband is stuck living with a house of girls, Liv, with Roses. Make sense now? Glad I could clear that up.

Hope your week is no where are crazy as mine has been! But it’s all part of the fun, right?! I promise, I’ll be back! So check back!