Weekly Distract // Vegas Getaway

Well… it is officially back to reality after my Vegas getaway. The workweek has set in- but at least the sun is beginning to shine and I can get back to my much loved lunch time hikes around the vineyards.
(Wynn Buffet. Do it!)

Rose. Rabbit Lie. Las Vegas’ newest, 53 million dollar (yes… I said 53 Million!) experience. It is your typical nightclub/lounge/dance party/show with a whole lotta yummy food. This place pulled out all the stops- down to the silverware. Gorg. We missed our dinner reservations due too many flight delays but were still able to sneak into the music lounge for a little late night menu (duck fat fries- caviar flat-bread- doughnuts- what, what?! O M G I didn’t even mention the Brussels Sprouts!) I want to go back. Now. And maybe even dance the night away next time. And eat. Much more eating.


Unroll.me. Can you believe my inbox actually looked like that?! To be honest- that is three different emails. But no one person should have that many emails. Do I really need to be subscribed to multiple Victoria’s Secret emails (and you know they send roughly 3 a day!) What is a girl to do?! Turn to Google- of course! I stumbled up Unroll.me which let’s you basically bulk unsubscribe or get one nice pretty email a day with all your random offers. Genius. Sign me up. Love it. This morning I had four…count them four… emails waiting for me instead of 400. A marketing team’s nightmare. A saving grace for me!


Books. I just actually purchased two books on Amazon. I would love to be able to tell you the last time I read a book was last month. Um. It was two years ago. While pregnant, on the beach. And it was fabulous. I ordered Gone Girl (jumping onto that bandwagon) and Tori Spelling’s new book Spelling It Like It Is (because I have to. No matter how much makeup she wears. She’s my girl.). Hoping that I might actually make the time to read them- even if it just means on our next road trip.

Buckle Toys. My child is obsessed with buckling things. She has to help with the car seat straps, the high chair straps, cart cover straps. Ugh. Obviously this is a safety hazard as we can’t leave her unbuckled just so she can play with them! This  toy is now on rush order to our home! Enough buckles so mom doesn’t have to attempt to reach into the back seat to unbuckle every five seconds. Smartest invention ever.

Ulta. I need a serious trip to my local Ulta. After following a couple different beauty blogs and other similar posts I realize I am majorly lacking in the fun beauty products department. What is on my list? A dotted eye liner, a bright pink blush, a fabulous leave in conditioner, a killer primer and a great makeup remover. If I am really feeling spunky maybe even a BB cream I keep reading so much about. I am sure my list will keep growing but a girl needs the essentials!


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