Weekly (Sickly) Distract

It is super (not) funny that my very last item on my January list was my health. Because we all came down with a horrible flu/cold/feel like crap something or other over the weekend and I have been trying to muster up enough energy to work and take care of the kiddo without passing out from exhaustion. I went to bed last night at 8:30pm and I am surprised I made it that long.

Load up on the vitamin C people! And every other vitamin and flu shot out there!

With that being said- there are the few things on my mind other then getting better

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale:  Scored two amazing strapless bras that actually fit and stay up. Tried them on in the store and ordered online with free shipping code SHIP50. It has been so long since I have had a great fitting strapless bra!

Bath and Body Works: Also loaded up on a ton of hand soap. Cannot beat $3 with $10 off!

Still searching for the perfect Vegas dress. Nelly.com is moving higher on my list of great clothing websites. Be sure to check it out.

This. I die. Words gone. (Caution: do not read this if you are somewhere needing to be quiet.) I may have to start watching The Bachelor just so I can laugh along with The Knotty Bride.

Okay- I know this is not the most thought provoking post but when you feel like I do… it’s the little things.

Stay healthy everyone!


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