Project List // January

My To Do list in insane. Pages long. If I go over it I can usually remove 5-10 items that I either decided I no longer want to do or have actually done but then add at least 15 more. Time management isn’t the problem really- more like needing more hours in the day.

My attempt to break some of the more important tasks down into months is in hopes that I can finally get some of my projects accomplished. Of course some of the items will be things to accomplish throughout the year (running lists), quotes to remember, mantras to live by. Here we go!

January’s Short List:

Organize all photographs from the babe’s first year. This means cleaning out the blurry and making sure everything is dated and tagged properly.

Clean out the Nursery. Get rid of every item that is no longer in use that has zero sentimental value.

Clean out my clothes. I did attempted this recently. Then did laundry (I tend to let it pile up) and realized I still have WAY to many clothes. It is time to purge. Just because it fits and I wear it once a year is no reason to keep it.  Maybe a future blog or Instagram sale in in store?

Picture Frames. Harp on my husband to help me hang the 20+ picture frames (okay, maybe not that many) so I can begin deciding what pictures to have printed. I am more visual, I need to see how they look on the wall.

January’s Running List:

Once pictures are organized, begin the babe’s baby album. This is a running project because not only are there about 5 zillion pictures- I also plan on editing each one to bring out the best quality possible. This project has daunted me from the beginning. But it is time.

Bedroom Update. While we have made some small progress in updating the look and feel of our room, it needs help. I have big plans for shelves to be build, picture frames to be purchased, and bedding to be found. This will take time but I want to do it right.

Blog Facelift. Besides making this a more personal space for me to share how I try and live my life, I know it is time to make it a more beautiful space to visit. I have lots of ideas in the works but I want to make sure that I am staying really true to moving forward and not settling. I hope you will all stay tuned for things to come!

Keep up on my Health. I tend (like so many other moms) to put myself last. I am the last one to sit down to eat dinner and usually the first one to put down my fork. I drink one glass of water a day if I am lucky (SO BAD!). Since having the babe keeping up on my own health has become so much more important, as I feel it more then I used to. A coworker in kicking my butt up and down the hills on a lunch time power walk and I cannot tell you how nice it feels to have sore muscles again!

As you can see so much of this comes back to streamlining my life and gaining back the organization I used to live by. Some of these tasks seem so overwhelming but I know once I dive right in I will feel so much better!

Wish me luck!


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