Weekly Distract

I am having a hard time accepting that it is almost the middle of January. Where is the time going?
This is what is on my mind this beautiful California winter day!

Flu Season. I am terrified to watch the news these days. I know this is a heated topic, and while I am all for each person making the decisions they feel are best for themselves and their families, I think we can all admit that in the Bay Area- shit is getting real. So I manned up and got my flu shot over the weekend. I look at it this way, A seat belt may not save my life in an accident, but I buckle up every time I get in the car. Food for thought!

This. Any blog post that makes you completely rethink your roll as a women. What we can accomplish, who we can be, the ones that paved the way ahead of us. What three women would you list?

My little babe turned 16 months today. Beyond. Crazy. She is getting so smart and using so many words I am having a hard time remembering what my little baby was like. But I love watching her grow! A growth chart has been on the list of things to get for awhile now so I figure that we have 2 months before she is a year and a half and that will be our starting point for documenting her growth. Loving the wood growth chart rulers I am seeing all over Etsy.

Resolutions. You have heard me say this a few times, but yea- not so much into making resolutions. I think I don’t want to deal with the failure of them. How is that for honesty? What I have decided to do is make some monthly and reoccurring goals for myself. Stay tuned for January’s list and progression!

Valentines Day. Only my most favorite commercial holiday of the year. I love the colors, the treats, the themes. I need to begin plotting our Valentines Day adventure. Slowly each year I convince my husband a little more that this is the most fun holiday. We usually cook an amazing meal and stay in with all our favorite foods. And of course it means a month full of red and pink outfits for the babe. And probably a couple for me as well.

Vegas. A much needed weekend away is approaching and I am so beyond excited for it. Big plans including attempting the new social experiment Rose. Rabbit. Lie and the Britney Spears concert is sure to make for some fabulous memories. Now if only I could find a dress! My favorite online shopping these days are ASOS, Nasty Gal, Miss Guided and Revolve Clothing. Any others that I must check out?!


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