The Un-Edited Tales of a Married 20 Something Year Old Working Mother: Career Tales

Around New Years I posted that I wanted this blog to start getting personal again. Often times it is much easier hide behind the illusion of perfection or lightheartedness then to face the reality that you are in fact human. But in an effort to stay true to myself, and this blog, here goes nothing.

I always knew I wanted to be something great. My dreams bounced from buyer for a high-end department store, children’s bookstore owner, wedding dress model (ah- the aspirations of an 8 year old), to a career in marketing and back again. But I also knew I always wanted to be a mother.

My career path happened mostly on accident. I decided at the old age of 20 to start school. I opted for a merchandising program at a prestigious private school. This also came with a high end price tag- but more on my student loans later. While working toward my degree I also got my first, real adult job at a bank. Which lead to more banking, and eventually a job as a staff accountant at a small winery. Fast forward 8 years and I have one class to go to graduate and am still working for wineries.

I won’t get into all the details- but working and meeting my husband and getting married and having a baby has consumed my years. I still want to graduate, and still plan to, but there have been so many other things that have come up along the way.

I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother. Which is in itself something beyond great. But now I stand on a path looking forward not so sure if I can see the path of a successful career. Was school a waste? Never says my mother. Should I have put off marriage and babies and thrown myself into a career? I can barely type the words that life seems so sad now that I know what being a wife and mother is all about.

I find myself on this path daydreaming often about where to go. I see myself picking up a camera and beginning to capture the beauty that other photographers have captured of me. I think about waiting a few more years until the babe is in school and joining one of the amazing companies I have always longed to work for, like Kate Spade or Victoria’s Secret. I picture myself settled down with another baby and a happy home of running errands and scrubbing the kitchen floor.

I would like to think I have endless possibilities. But now is the time where I need to get my feet moving forward. Maybe not directly toward something- just forward…

“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as ‘making a life’.”
Maya Angelou

I know I want to make a life that I can look back on and feel accomplished and successful- while still feeling present. Am I asking for it all? Can I have my cake and eat it too? I sure hope so!


Weekly (Sickly) Distract

It is super (not) funny that my very last item on my January list was my health. Because we all came down with a horrible flu/cold/feel like crap something or other over the weekend and I have been trying to muster up enough energy to work and take care of the kiddo without passing out from exhaustion. I went to bed last night at 8:30pm and I am surprised I made it that long.

Load up on the vitamin C people! And every other vitamin and flu shot out there!

With that being said- there are the few things on my mind other then getting better

Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale:  Scored two amazing strapless bras that actually fit and stay up. Tried them on in the store and ordered online with free shipping code SHIP50. It has been so long since I have had a great fitting strapless bra!

Bath and Body Works: Also loaded up on a ton of hand soap. Cannot beat $3 with $10 off!

Still searching for the perfect Vegas dress. is moving higher on my list of great clothing websites. Be sure to check it out.

This. I die. Words gone. (Caution: do not read this if you are somewhere needing to be quiet.) I may have to start watching The Bachelor just so I can laugh along with The Knotty Bride.

Okay- I know this is not the most thought provoking post but when you feel like I do… it’s the little things.

Stay healthy everyone!

Project List // January

My To Do list in insane. Pages long. If I go over it I can usually remove 5-10 items that I either decided I no longer want to do or have actually done but then add at least 15 more. Time management isn’t the problem really- more like needing more hours in the day.

My attempt to break some of the more important tasks down into months is in hopes that I can finally get some of my projects accomplished. Of course some of the items will be things to accomplish throughout the year (running lists), quotes to remember, mantras to live by. Here we go!

January’s Short List:

Organize all photographs from the babe’s first year. This means cleaning out the blurry and making sure everything is dated and tagged properly.

Clean out the Nursery. Get rid of every item that is no longer in use that has zero sentimental value.

Clean out my clothes. I did attempted this recently. Then did laundry (I tend to let it pile up) and realized I still have WAY to many clothes. It is time to purge. Just because it fits and I wear it once a year is no reason to keep it.  Maybe a future blog or Instagram sale in in store?

Picture Frames. Harp on my husband to help me hang the 20+ picture frames (okay, maybe not that many) so I can begin deciding what pictures to have printed. I am more visual, I need to see how they look on the wall.

January’s Running List:

Once pictures are organized, begin the babe’s baby album. This is a running project because not only are there about 5 zillion pictures- I also plan on editing each one to bring out the best quality possible. This project has daunted me from the beginning. But it is time.

Bedroom Update. While we have made some small progress in updating the look and feel of our room, it needs help. I have big plans for shelves to be build, picture frames to be purchased, and bedding to be found. This will take time but I want to do it right.

Blog Facelift. Besides making this a more personal space for me to share how I try and live my life, I know it is time to make it a more beautiful space to visit. I have lots of ideas in the works but I want to make sure that I am staying really true to moving forward and not settling. I hope you will all stay tuned for things to come!

Keep up on my Health. I tend (like so many other moms) to put myself last. I am the last one to sit down to eat dinner and usually the first one to put down my fork. I drink one glass of water a day if I am lucky (SO BAD!). Since having the babe keeping up on my own health has become so much more important, as I feel it more then I used to. A coworker in kicking my butt up and down the hills on a lunch time power walk and I cannot tell you how nice it feels to have sore muscles again!

As you can see so much of this comes back to streamlining my life and gaining back the organization I used to live by. Some of these tasks seem so overwhelming but I know once I dive right in I will feel so much better!

Wish me luck!

Weekly Distract

I am having a hard time accepting that it is almost the middle of January. Where is the time going?
This is what is on my mind this beautiful California winter day!

Flu Season. I am terrified to watch the news these days. I know this is a heated topic, and while I am all for each person making the decisions they feel are best for themselves and their families, I think we can all admit that in the Bay Area- shit is getting real. So I manned up and got my flu shot over the weekend. I look at it this way, A seat belt may not save my life in an accident, but I buckle up every time I get in the car. Food for thought!

This. Any blog post that makes you completely rethink your roll as a women. What we can accomplish, who we can be, the ones that paved the way ahead of us. What three women would you list?

My little babe turned 16 months today. Beyond. Crazy. She is getting so smart and using so many words I am having a hard time remembering what my little baby was like. But I love watching her grow! A growth chart has been on the list of things to get for awhile now so I figure that we have 2 months before she is a year and a half and that will be our starting point for documenting her growth. Loving the wood growth chart rulers I am seeing all over Etsy.

Resolutions. You have heard me say this a few times, but yea- not so much into making resolutions. I think I don’t want to deal with the failure of them. How is that for honesty? What I have decided to do is make some monthly and reoccurring goals for myself. Stay tuned for January’s list and progression!

Valentines Day. Only my most favorite commercial holiday of the year. I love the colors, the treats, the themes. I need to begin plotting our Valentines Day adventure. Slowly each year I convince my husband a little more that this is the most fun holiday. We usually cook an amazing meal and stay in with all our favorite foods. And of course it means a month full of red and pink outfits for the babe. And probably a couple for me as well.

Vegas. A much needed weekend away is approaching and I am so beyond excited for it. Big plans including attempting the new social experiment Rose. Rabbit. Lie and the Britney Spears concert is sure to make for some fabulous memories. Now if only I could find a dress! My favorite online shopping these days are ASOS, Nasty Gal, Miss Guided and Revolve Clothing. Any others that I must check out?!

2014// The Year to Aspire

Happy New Year, and a late Happy Birthday to me!I wanted to wait before writing this post until I turned the big 2-8. Looking back over the last few years is an interesting one for me. They have been a whirlwind of excitement and change. There has been a Christmas engagement, followed by a November wedding, followed by a January pregnancy, and last year’s holidays were spent as a new mom. Needless to say- it’s been a ride.

I would love to say life is now settling down, and maybe compared to these huge milestones it is, but there is always some movement, always some change, always something happening. Which is the exciting part, right?!

Jessica Garvin from Little Baby Garvin (my favorite mom blog) hosted a link up with some other lovely ladies. They asked bloggers to respond to one or more of the following:
1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year & what is your plan for making it happen?
2. Many people chose a word to reflect on, live by or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it & how you plan to incorporate it into 2014.
3. I will make 2014 count by…
As mentioned, I don’t really do resolutions. But I love the idea of picking a word and running with it. So I gave it a lot of thought over my (partially tipsy) birthday weekend. What do I want 2014 and my 28th year to stand for? What do I want to achieve, push for, strive to be?

How difficult to sum it up in a word!

But I came to- a word in the question itself- Aspire.

Aspire: direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

There are so many things I have always wanted to achieve. Organize the house and focus on living a balanced life. Finish my degree and work on a career path that is more suited toward my own dreams. Be a mom that worries about the food my daughter eats, the books she reads, and the fun we have as a family.

This is the year I take my dreams and run with them. Take my hopes, wants, wishes, ideas… and go balls to the wall.

2014 is the year to Aspire toward greatness, in all ways it manifests itself.


Cheers to a New Year!

I am not one for New Years Resolutions. I think the idea that a transformation of mind, body and soul does not happen by jotting down a few key ideas at the beginning of the year.

But I am, however, all about reflection, change and growth.

I have spent a little time going back to some of my favorite blogs- thinking about what has drawn me to them and keeps me reading. And I went back to a few of my own favorite posts. I realized my favorites are the ones that I bare a little of my own soul. While I love fashion and dressing the babe- my life has so much more to it then that.

I knew a change was coming to the blog in 2014 I just wasn’t sure what that was going to be. But it is time to take the leap and get a little more real, a little more personal, and hopefully a little more fun!

Stay tuned for some upcoming changes. A platform update, a store update (finally!) and a little more of me being true to me. And always I would love to hear what you want to see!