Recap San Francisco Anniversary

Anniversary San Francisco style was a success. Fueled by too much alcohol and a very early (accidental) bedtime. I have checked off a few more places from my San Francisco To Do List, and added a few new ones for a future trip. (More on that to come!)

This also marked the first time we left the babe behind and went off the two of us. Some may think that is insane seeing as she is 14 months old. Others will probably be shocked that we left her so young. To each their own about this one. Our philosophy has always been wanting to create a life for our family of three that was full of adventure, fun and love. It is our favorite thing to take her to the places we love as well as explore new ones together. But everyone needs time to enjoy being adults without a diaper bag. I am glad we had it and was just as happy to get home.


We stared our evening off right with some amazing ice cream. Dessert before dinner. Because we can. If you haven’t been to Bi-Rite Creamery it is worth the hype. So many flavors I could have easily filled up on samples. I choose Salted Caramel and Vanilla Honey Gram. So good.

After sitting in the car eating or ice cream, wondering why it took us so long to go there- it was too the hotel- and to the bar for a couple drinks before getting dolled up and deciding where to go to dinner.


I am not usually one for selfies. But, I did take a quick snap of my outfit in the bathroom mirror. I opted for my new amazing vegan leather leggings and a slinky black top (from ASOS, linked HERE). If you don’t have a pair of leather (vegan) leggings, get some. Now. You will feel fierce! (And even more importantly comfortable!)

I had scoured the internet for the top sushi restaurants all week prior only to have the hubs tell me he would rather something a bit more warm and filling. We walked down the street to a random hotel restaurant Jasper’s Corner Tap simply because it was nearby and had made a top ten list on some random Google search for “Best Fish and Chips”. (Side note: The Codmother is thee best in the city- but not a romantic dining spot!) It turned out to be really good with a great vibe. Get the pulled pork shoulder appetizer. You won’t be sorry!


Next on our stop (within walking distance) was down the street to a speakeasy I have been waiting to go to since I learned it existed. Bourbon and Branch seems to be the spot for that prohibition vibe! I didn’t reservations (loser!) so we made our way into the library and downed some pretty amazing (and strong!) Cucumber Gimlets. Yum. I didn’t snap any pictures, not sure if that was against the “rules.” Next time we will be making reservations for sure!

At this point my adorable Aldo booties were killing me (keep in mind we literally walked no more then 3 blocks!) so we headed back to the hotel. I laid down for all of two point five seconds and was out like a light. There were dreams of infomercials in my head. Woke up to the sun shining- an absolutely incredible morning in the city. One for the books! Wandered around the Farmer’s Market at the Pier Building and soaked up some sun.

Of course we already have plans to go back before the holidays are over with the babe and explore some more yummy places to eat- and enjoy the Christmas feel of San Francisco.

Help me add to my upcoming San Francisco Bucket List? Where is a must to add to keep us on our toes?


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