{Sample Size} :: BareMinerals

I have tried about a million mascaras. That’s a lie. I have tried about 5. It is something that is not a part of my daily beauty routine simply because I cannot stand when I look into a mirror two hours later to see the bulk of it under my eyes.  Or how it magically disappears. This includes the lusted after Dior selections.

I do however have a love affair with BareMineral products. Easy to apply, doesn’t break out my skin, and seems to last me awhile. My new favorite beauty store Ulta supplied me with a sample of Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara during a recent stock up purchase (it came in a set along with a few other favorite items) and I figured might as well give it a shot.

Love it. Will it give you Kim Kardashian eyes? No.  But it will give you a very wearable everyday look. I can now proudly say mascara is now a part of my every day makeup routine.

Makes me wonder what else I am missing?!

Next I am on the search for an amazing new hair product to try.  Something that will make these ends of mine look not so scare crowish until I get a chance to get a trim!


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