Anniversary (Sexy) in the City

Today is my second wedding anniversary. Time has flown by. Seriously fastest year ever. Our first anniversary we had a two month old on our hands and celebrated only with a little cake from the baker who made our wedding cake; a much tastier tradition then sticking anything in the freezer for a year! Needless to say, it was not the most romantic of days.

Which is why I am so over the moon excited to plan plot some much needed husband/wife time. We spent a great deal of our relationship running off to San Francisco. We dated there, almost got engaged their (bad planning on my part, oops!), were married there and now take our little babe on all sorts of family friendly adventures that San Francisco has to offer. Only fitting we should spend a weekend soaking up some City time.

Unfortunately this time of year is insanely expensive, so we will be going a bit after our actual anniversary. Which is no bother to me because it just means spending the actual day with our family of three. And there may be cake. Correction, there will be cake.

We tend to stay in Union Square at a wonderful hotel in the center of it all Parc 55. It’s nice to be able to be waking distance from things like amazing shopping and restaurants. Not to mention some pretty beautiful city views. I want to do some of the things we have yet to do while there. Explore some new restaurants, see some new sites. All while wearing fabulous clothes. I have the perfect pair of Calvin Klein leggings, new booties, now I just need the perfect top. Or a dress. Or both.

FYI I am really horrible about putting outfit decisions/purchases off until the last minute. I shop best under pressure!

Anniversary Sexy

Happy Anniversary to my love! And Happy 11.12.13 to the rest of you!


7 thoughts on “Anniversary (Sexy) in the City

  1. Happy belated anniversary! You need to take a little excursion to wine country for a romantic weekend at some point! It’s such a fun time of year to be here and with harvest being near completion most places, hotel prices are not so expensive…and look me up when you do I’ll provide you both with a tasting on the house!

    • I ordered the dress and the top from ASOS. They (fingers crossed) are arriving today. Which means you get to help me decide what to wear! I have very similar Aldo booties and even better then those Calvin Klein leggings. Any chance I get to wear that necklace I am going to!

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