Living Fashionably :: Mini Shoes and Our Horrifying Shopping Experience

Let me start this off by saying that I had the most terrifying experience shoe shopping for my daughter. So much so, that the idea of toddler foot fashion was almost lost on me for good.

A few weeks back I ventured to Stride Rite with my mother and mother in law for babes first real pair of shoes (minus the pair of Converse my mother, the shopaholic, couldn’t pass up).  There were kids yelling and running a muck (my daughter included), balls flying, parents arguing. I kid you not, I heard “Let’s just go- I will have to take her to Nordstrom’s.” Um- yes. Why aren’t we both there right now?! I literally had that panicky, must take off my jacket, there is no oxygen in the room moment. Babe was bound to be an only child from this one store shopping experience alone. If it wasn’t for the most adorable brother and sister duo that looked about as frightened as I felt I may have lost it and ran out screaming.

But after getting her measured and picking out two okay(ish) pairs, we got out of there before I went batshitcrazy. Luckily Aldo provided some more then necessary retail therapy and Mama got herself some brand new boots (times two…thanks to my own Mama). Shoes  shopping was redeemed.

But I was sad. Are all kid shoe stores like this one? Does every girl toddler shoe have some sort of crappy sparkle? Are there no boat shoes past a size three?!

My sadness was quickly turned around by the beautiful land of Online Shopping and my uncanny ability to shop like I have a Black Card. Which I don’t. Sad.

I am back in love with children’s fashion and I have Tom, Hunter and Michael (among some others) to thank for that.

shoes, kids shoes, baby shoes, infant fashion shoes| Minnetonka Ankle Boots | Tom Glitter Tiny Classics | Hunter Rain Boots | Zara Basketball Shoes | See Kai Run  Ankle Boot |

My round up of some cute kid styles, and the best part, most of these companies make adult shoes as well. Score!

Happy Shoe Hunting!


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