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Although the weather around here is still pretty insanely beautiful, we are finally getting that crisp Fall breeze in the air. I have been in boots for awhile and now I just had my husband search out my packed away sweaters. I was really looking forward to pulling one until I opened the lid. Inside I found a nicely stacked selection of super cozy, warm, fluffy sweaters. And my heart kind of sunk a little. While I truly love being wrapped up front head to toe and staying warm, there is just something that seems so blah about the whole look.

But fear not, I went on a search for the perfect styling for those lovely over-sized sweaters. You can look back on my post of this season’s Embellished Sweater Trend. Now some inspiration on how to keep winter chic while staying warm!

Inspired Knit Sweater

This has to be one of my favorite looks. Skinny jeans with an over-sized sweater (see tip HERE about rule of thumb for tight verse loose) and some fab heels.  Love the pops of color on this look and the one below!

Inspired Red Heels

This look has been floating around Pinterest for while and I am really loving it. What a great way to get a little fancy in the winter. I have even found this look in mini version (skirt HERE and turtleneck HERE). Matching outfits this fab may be a must!

A really great way to get some use out of summer dresses. Pair with knits and some winter accessories. Add a pair of leggings to stay a bit warmer!

Inspired Cardigan

I am a HUGE fan of this look. I cannot get enough of it. In every color. Every skirt length. I love it. I can easily see the wrong sweater being ruined by the rough edges of the sequins, so be cautious with your choice. But go for it. Dress it up even more up with heels. Dress it down a bit with boots. Just dress it. Now. Right now.

Inspired Sequin Skirt Dark | Inspired Sequin Skirt Light

Have any favorite ways to stay stylish during the winter months? Share your favorite Pinterest links!


6 thoughts on “Living Fashionably :: Cozy Cozy

  1. I am IN LOVE with the tan cardigan with lace trim… I’m having a bohemian wedding and would love to wear that with my dress…WHERE can I get it?

    • Hi M’Kenzi

      The cardigan is part of the 2013 Primavera Estate collection from TWIN SET Simona Barbieri. I didn’t immediantly see it on their website but I am sure you could call around. sells their things, retails close to $150 I would guess.

      Hope this helps and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  2. Where is that dress from under the cardigan? I am looking for a blush/nude bridesmaid dress, that one looks awesome!

    • Hi Rachel

      The outfit entire outfit came from 2013 Primavera Estate collection from TWIN SET Simona Barbieri. I do not know if it is still currently available however. Best of luck!

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