Living Fashionably :: Embellished Chic

I have a love hate relationship with sweaters. I love being cozy and warm, but I feel like they can easily walk the line of cold weather chic to unflattering.Which is why I am obsessed this year with the new sweater trend. Love. What is better then a super warm and cozy sweatshirt AND bedazzled goodness? Dress it down with boots and denim or up with leather detailed leggings and heels. There are so many different styles and price points, I am all over this one!

Here are some of my favorites I have been eying. And word on the street (….ok, Pinterest) is J. Crew is having a pretty nice 25% sale!

Embellished Chic

J.Crew sweatshirts hoody / Victoria’s Secret sweatshirts hoody / Dorothy Perkins white long sleeve top / J.Crew sweatshirt / Dorothy Perkins petite sweatshirt / Gap Jewel Embellished Sweater – lt heather grey


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