Thankful for the Internet: Link Lovin’

Being a new(er) mom, I know first hand how crazy information overload can be. I tried once Googled if giving my 10 month old raspberries was going to kill her, or make her break out in hives, and found so much conflicting information it’s overwhelming! There are so many products, opinions, advice, and beyond adorable outfits out there for any mom to handle alone. The internet can be a truly scary place.


Which is why I am so thankful for the sense of community the blogging world can bring. On my most off days I can find humor, sincerity and advice from people around the globe that I have never met. Some of them I consider friends (much in the same way me and Tori Spelling are BFF’s).

So to show my thanks I have the fellow bloggers of the world I have decided today would be the perfect chance prior to Thanksgiving to send out a little link lovin’. This is only a small portion of my reading list (which you can also view on the right side of the screen somewhere!) and I would love to continue to share other favorites down the road! And as always- pass along your favorites!

Rome & Romie Beyond the Clothing has a special place in my heart. Not just because the writer is my BFF  but for the daily dose of motivational posts and wellness advice. I look at this blog like I look at my cup of coffee in the morning: I need it to get me going!

When I need to add some serious cute factor into my life I check out Jessica Garvin’s blog Little Baby Garvin. If you ever searched monthly bump pictures on Pinterest you have surely seen her amazing chalk boards. (I also 110% blame my Baby Gap obsession on this mama!) Jessica posts amazing event and holiday decor ideas, baby fashion, and lots of helpful parenting tips she has picked up along the way. I am just hoping her new baby bump doesn’t get me itching!

What do I have in common with a women on a different continent that looks like a model and has no children? Probably more then you would think. But I don’t even care because I die looking at her amazing fashion choices, recipes and food inspiration, and her hair… let’s not event talk about her hair. The Londoner reminds me that I am more then a mom and there is more then just my backdoor. She makes me want to get off my booty and travel. And eat. All while wearing killer heels and dresses.

When I was pregnant I could not get enough of Lay Baby Lay. The nursery designs are incredible. Once we finished ours, I had to stop looking in fear I would want to repaint to match the newest posted theme. One of my personal favorites is this lovely mermaid theme. Cannot get enough of it! Hmm… time to redecorate for a one year old room?….

A mutual Facebook friend recommended 29 and Nona one day and I am so glad she did. Coming from the same area of California as myself it’s always nice to connect with someone that see’s what you see- in a new light. Great fashion, great food, and my kind of humor makes this a great daily blog regardless of where you live! (But seriously- come to California because it’s pretty amazing here!)

Wild Wine County Wonder is a new blog that is always on my radar. I love blogs that aren’t just “mom blogs” or “travel blogs.” I like to feel like I am connecting with real women that have just as many sides to them as I do. This writer tells it like it is, with all the beauty of the world around her mixed in! Oh, and we actually are friends so I don’t have to completely cyber stalk her.

My new go to spot for all things recipes, fab beauty finds and more is How Sweet It Is . And better yet her commentary is pretty hilarious. We now must try all things Buffalo Chicken in our house. I blame her. And thank her.

A childless friend recently introduced me to this gem, which is seeming to become an internet sensation. It may just be my new guilty obsession pleasure. Tiffany Beveridge, a real mom and blogger, has created a Pinterest board dedicated to her “Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter” Quinoa (strangely enough, that name kinda works…). When I need a laugh (or amazing outfit inspiration!) I turn here! The pictures chronicle Quinoa and her group of friends through life’s daily routine. Tiffany uses those ridiculous, and usually pretty incredible, looking children’s ads to create an entire world centered around the miniature elite.  It is pretty indescribable, really, so check it out HERE! And make sure to follow her on Instagram.

A huge sincere thank you to all the blogs above that have inspired me to start my own and continue to “be there” for me when I need a break and a good laugh!

Thanksgiving Style

I have had zero time or motivation to find the babe and I perfect Thanksgiving outfits. Not for a lack of amazing pieces out there. I am pretty obsessed lately with mustard yellows and golds paired with teal, burgundy, red, deep purples, and so on. Hoping if I place some online orders we may actually pull it together in time for Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving Eat

We are giving up our usual Thanksgiving travel plans to stay home this year. Which bums me out to my core.  But in an effort to balance our time between families we decided that it would be okay to spend the time at home. So my core is slowly warming up to the idea.

There is something you should know about me. I LOVE to entertain. I am 110% sure I got this gene from my lovely grandmother. But with a toddler toddling around doing what they do best (making messes, getting into shit) we are not hosting Thanksgiving.

I did demand ask politely, however, that dessert is all me. I love to bake and this gives me a really great opportunity to try out some new recopies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Pumpkin Marshmallow Ice Cream: We did a trial run and knocked it out of the park. Sounds like it has a lot going on- but let me tell you. YUM

Angel Food Cake Churro Bites: Enough. Said. (Angel food cake is healthy, right?)

Clementine Upside Down Cake: I have always been slightly obsessed with the perfect non pineapple upside down cake!

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Cookie Bars: Love cheesecake, love apples, love caramel. Done deal.

Magic Cake: I have always been so curious about this. May have to attempt for the holidays.

Also, why am I just NOW hearing about the amazingness that is Anthropologie aprons?!


Anthropologie Aprons

Recap San Francisco Anniversary

Anniversary San Francisco style was a success. Fueled by too much alcohol and a very early (accidental) bedtime. I have checked off a few more places from my San Francisco To Do List, and added a few new ones for a future trip. (More on that to come!)

This also marked the first time we left the babe behind and went off the two of us. Some may think that is insane seeing as she is 14 months old. Others will probably be shocked that we left her so young. To each their own about this one. Our philosophy has always been wanting to create a life for our family of three that was full of adventure, fun and love. It is our favorite thing to take her to the places we love as well as explore new ones together. But everyone needs time to enjoy being adults without a diaper bag. I am glad we had it and was just as happy to get home.


We stared our evening off right with some amazing ice cream. Dessert before dinner. Because we can. If you haven’t been to Bi-Rite Creamery it is worth the hype. So many flavors I could have easily filled up on samples. I choose Salted Caramel and Vanilla Honey Gram. So good.

After sitting in the car eating or ice cream, wondering why it took us so long to go there- it was too the hotel- and to the bar for a couple drinks before getting dolled up and deciding where to go to dinner.


I am not usually one for selfies. But, I did take a quick snap of my outfit in the bathroom mirror. I opted for my new amazing vegan leather leggings and a slinky black top (from ASOS, linked HERE). If you don’t have a pair of leather (vegan) leggings, get some. Now. You will feel fierce! (And even more importantly comfortable!)

I had scoured the internet for the top sushi restaurants all week prior only to have the hubs tell me he would rather something a bit more warm and filling. We walked down the street to a random hotel restaurant Jasper’s Corner Tap simply because it was nearby and had made a top ten list on some random Google search for “Best Fish and Chips”. (Side note: The Codmother is thee best in the city- but not a romantic dining spot!) It turned out to be really good with a great vibe. Get the pulled pork shoulder appetizer. You won’t be sorry!


Next on our stop (within walking distance) was down the street to a speakeasy I have been waiting to go to since I learned it existed. Bourbon and Branch seems to be the spot for that prohibition vibe! I didn’t reservations (loser!) so we made our way into the library and downed some pretty amazing (and strong!) Cucumber Gimlets. Yum. I didn’t snap any pictures, not sure if that was against the “rules.” Next time we will be making reservations for sure!

At this point my adorable Aldo booties were killing me (keep in mind we literally walked no more then 3 blocks!) so we headed back to the hotel. I laid down for all of two point five seconds and was out like a light. There were dreams of infomercials in my head. Woke up to the sun shining- an absolutely incredible morning in the city. One for the books! Wandered around the Farmer’s Market at the Pier Building and soaked up some sun.

Of course we already have plans to go back before the holidays are over with the babe and explore some more yummy places to eat- and enjoy the Christmas feel of San Francisco.

Help me add to my upcoming San Francisco Bucket List? Where is a must to add to keep us on our toes?

{Sample Size} :: BareMinerals

I have tried about a million mascaras. That’s a lie. I have tried about 5. It is something that is not a part of my daily beauty routine simply because I cannot stand when I look into a mirror two hours later to see the bulk of it under my eyes.  Or how it magically disappears. This includes the lusted after Dior selections.

I do however have a love affair with BareMineral products. Easy to apply, doesn’t break out my skin, and seems to last me awhile. My new favorite beauty store Ulta supplied me with a sample of Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara during a recent stock up purchase (it came in a set along with a few other favorite items) and I figured might as well give it a shot.

Love it. Will it give you Kim Kardashian eyes? No.  But it will give you a very wearable everyday look. I can now proudly say mascara is now a part of my every day makeup routine.

Makes me wonder what else I am missing?!

Next I am on the search for an amazing new hair product to try.  Something that will make these ends of mine look not so scare crowish until I get a chance to get a trim!

Anniversary (Sexy) in the City

Today is my second wedding anniversary. Time has flown by. Seriously fastest year ever. Our first anniversary we had a two month old on our hands and celebrated only with a little cake from the baker who made our wedding cake; a much tastier tradition then sticking anything in the freezer for a year! Needless to say, it was not the most romantic of days.

Which is why I am so over the moon excited to plan plot some much needed husband/wife time. We spent a great deal of our relationship running off to San Francisco. We dated there, almost got engaged their (bad planning on my part, oops!), were married there and now take our little babe on all sorts of family friendly adventures that San Francisco has to offer. Only fitting we should spend a weekend soaking up some City time.

Unfortunately this time of year is insanely expensive, so we will be going a bit after our actual anniversary. Which is no bother to me because it just means spending the actual day with our family of three. And there may be cake. Correction, there will be cake.

We tend to stay in Union Square at a wonderful hotel in the center of it all Parc 55. It’s nice to be able to be waking distance from things like amazing shopping and restaurants. Not to mention some pretty beautiful city views. I want to do some of the things we have yet to do while there. Explore some new restaurants, see some new sites. All while wearing fabulous clothes. I have the perfect pair of Calvin Klein leggings, new booties, now I just need the perfect top. Or a dress. Or both.

FYI I am really horrible about putting outfit decisions/purchases off until the last minute. I shop best under pressure!

Anniversary Sexy

Happy Anniversary to my love! And Happy 11.12.13 to the rest of you!

Living Fashionably :: Mini Shoes and Our Horrifying Shopping Experience

Let me start this off by saying that I had the most terrifying experience shoe shopping for my daughter. So much so, that the idea of toddler foot fashion was almost lost on me for good.

A few weeks back I ventured to Stride Rite with my mother and mother in law for babes first real pair of shoes (minus the pair of Converse my mother, the shopaholic, couldn’t pass up).  There were kids yelling and running a muck (my daughter included), balls flying, parents arguing. I kid you not, I heard “Let’s just go- I will have to take her to Nordstrom’s.” Um- yes. Why aren’t we both there right now?! I literally had that panicky, must take off my jacket, there is no oxygen in the room moment. Babe was bound to be an only child from this one store shopping experience alone. If it wasn’t for the most adorable brother and sister duo that looked about as frightened as I felt I may have lost it and ran out screaming.

But after getting her measured and picking out two okay(ish) pairs, we got out of there before I went batshitcrazy. Luckily Aldo provided some more then necessary retail therapy and Mama got herself some brand new boots (times two…thanks to my own Mama). Shoes  shopping was redeemed.

But I was sad. Are all kid shoe stores like this one? Does every girl toddler shoe have some sort of crappy sparkle? Are there no boat shoes past a size three?!

My sadness was quickly turned around by the beautiful land of Online Shopping and my uncanny ability to shop like I have a Black Card. Which I don’t. Sad.

I am back in love with children’s fashion and I have Tom, Hunter and Michael (among some others) to thank for that.

shoes, kids shoes, baby shoes, infant fashion shoes| Minnetonka Ankle Boots | Tom Glitter Tiny Classics | Hunter Rain Boots | Zara Basketball Shoes | See Kai Run  Ankle Boot |

My round up of some cute kid styles, and the best part, most of these companies make adult shoes as well. Score!

Happy Shoe Hunting!