Living Fashionably Winter Riding Gear

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Fall is finally in the air around here. I say finally because it has been in the 80’s. I have been wearing shorts. Should I be complaining? Probably not. But I love fall. I love boots. I love sipping coffee in the afternoon. And now I can finally do those things! I am so excited to be breaking out the sweaters I thought I would share my outfit today. My sweater is slightly different (J. Crew outlet but basic cowl neck sweatshirt) and my leggings (unfortunately) do not have that amazing leather detail, but those are my boots. And I love them! I also started a Ployvore account (yep- pretty much last on that bandwagon) to play around with a bit. I would share a picture of me in the outfit, but I take possibly the worst selfies of all time. What a problem to have right?!
Happy Fall weather everyone!

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