Beating the {Halloween} Blues (In 4 Easy Steps)

I am trying really hard to get into the Halloween spirit. Okay. I lied. I am not really doing anything at all. I am basically sitting in my own holiday shit.

I have been excited to dress up my daughter for Halloween since we knew we were having a girl. So this slump is not fun! Holidays have always been “my thing.” But I am finding as I get older, blending two families, and having a child it is all just really stressful. A big pat on the back to my mother and grandmother who never let us see them sweat during this time of year. I guess I need to put my game face on and get to it.

BuzzFeed No Carve Pumpkin Ideas (Click on Pic!)

To take the stress out of the holidays (and yes- Halloween is totally a holiday in my book) I think it’s important to step back and remember that it is supposed to be filled with family, friends and fun! Simple. Don’t overcomplicated it, don’t over-think it. This weekend will start the beginning of my mood makeover.  And because I am a planner, here is now I intent to get er done!

| ONE | Decorate the House: So important to get into the spirit of things.  We have a couple mini pumpkins on our mantel which look lonely and sad. Time to pull out the decorations from the garage and get the garland and lights hung up!

| TWO | A few simple DIY projects: I don’t have a ton of time that isn’t from 8pm on. Projects these days need to be low cost, minimal time with maximum results. Here are a few of my favorites that need to get accomplished asap. This also means a trip to Micheal’s! Did you know they have an App? Did you know they will text coupons to your phone? Mind. Blown. Go HERE to check it out.  Make sure to follow my Halloween Inspiration Pinterest board for all sorts of great ideas and projects!

| THREE | Dress the babe: I was drooling over THESE costumes a few months ago, but now knowing Halloween falls on a Thursday (aka a work day) I don’t see it happening. Instead we are opting for Gap Leopard Print Leggings and a matching black cat shirt from the Gap Outlet. Pair it with some ears and instant all day approved Halloween costume.  (Bonus points if Karen’s “I’m a mouse, duh!” popped into your head.)

| FOUR | Eat: Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more then eating. I have big plans for soup (because I could live off the stuff) and special treats. Jessica at Little Baby Garvin never fails with the candy popcorn inspiration. Ready to stuff my face with some goodies.

Already I am feeling a bit more festive and ready to tackle the start of the holiday season. Any more inspiration or words of encouragement for me?


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