Catch Up, Life Lately

Halloween is ridiculously fast approaching. Not sure I fully believe that we are already a week into October. So far we have zero plans, other then of course a trip to the local pumpkin patch. I am super excited this year as last year was Mission: Photo Opt. We were in and out with few tears from our barely one month old babe. This year however will be Mission: Keep the kid from getting trampled by all the other little kids as she insists on touching just about every single pumpkin. I think we may need to come up with a different mission name.

I am working on getting the details of our First Birthday Party posted. The two different mood boards I made, see Here, have been a hit on Pinterest. Check back this week to see how it all turned out!

This week was also my boudoir shoot. A friend recently told me I have guts for doing it. My response was (and always will be) I am in a point of my life where I am simply embracing this body and all it has been through. The flaws and all. Will I hang these pictures on my bedroom wall? Maybe. Depends on how they turn out I suppose. But I will tuck them away for the moments I am feeling a little hard on myself, or maybe pregnant again one day far far away from now, and remember how awesome this body really is. I had a fabulous time- was totally at ease thanks to an amazing photographer (the most important part!).

Other then that we are plugging along- getting used to a new work routine as well as embracing the change in the weather. Oh wait… you mean the 80 degree weather. Yep, roll your eyes. Us California people like to complain about the weather if it dips slightly too high or even worse slightly too low. But I have a tub of Fall sweaters that are crying to be worn. Maybe we can blast the AC and pretend it is cold outside?! There are so many amazing recipes for this time of year I am dying to try but completely unmotivated. If you are luckily enough to be feeling some crisp cold air- try this Lentil Soup with Sausage recipe and let me know? Or these Spiced Apple Pie cupcakes!

Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Catch Up, Life Lately

  1. You do have guts! But I’m jealous more than anything. maybe a few more workouts and I’ll be more excited to try it. Ha!

    I’m bummed about the hot weather too (crazy Californians). Won Ton soup and egg-rolls may be in order soon 🙂

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