Pumpkin Perfection

I LOVE the holidays. Love them. The traditions, the food, the decor, the wrapping paper. Sign me up.

Having a child did two things with my love of the holidays: Made me so ridiculously excited to explore celebrating them in whole new ways, and added a shit ton of stress to my life. You mean I get to bake an apple pie while trying to make sure the kid doesn’t knock herself unconscious on her own toys? Awesome! I joke. Kind of. It does make a lot more work, but also the amount of fun it adds is beyond. The older she gets, the more exciting it all becomes!

To kick off October 1st the babe and I gathered a few small pumpkins from our local Trader Joe’s. Not sure who was more into it (probably me…okay me for sure).

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.17.00 PM

But the real fun starts now.  I love decor pieces that can take us clear through Fall and these sparkly pumpkins are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I also can’t help but love the lace look (and could be an easy DIY!). And of course we will be sure to dress the babe in all sorts of festive wear!



I am usually pretty anti pumpkin recipe simply because I detest pumpkin pie. I think. Not sure I have actually ever had pumpkin pie. But this year I am seeing some pretty yummy looking recipes floating around, so I may be up for the challenge.

Happy October!


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