One Week One Year: Nursery Inspiration and Preggers Book

Wow where has this week gone?! Being at total stay at home mom during my week in-between jobs has been WONDERFUL but busy! Today I bring you all things baby girl nursery!

It was SO. BEYOND. DIFFICULT. to narrow down a nursery theme. Color pallet? Done. I knew I wanted soft pink and gold. I love pink and gold together. Love. If my husband would let me decorate the entirefreakinghouse in pink and gold, I would.

But a THEME. I hate that word. Theme is so…. I don’t know. I picture “Under the Water Prom” when someone throws out the word theme. But alas, I needed a theme.

I made two boards on Pinterest: Enchanted Forest and Vintage Mermaid. Loved them both, still do. But we decided to go with something we felt would be a little more timeless and cozy. We wanted to give our unborn child a forest. Nothing says cozy up with a good book like a forest. (A pink and gold forest, duh.)

But if someone out there would PLEASE do Vintage Mermaid and send me pictures that would be much appreciated.

See Enchanted Forest Pinterest Inspiration HERE and Vintage Mermaid HERE.


| Crib | Bedding | Decals |

I made the prints myself from inspiration around the internet. And added a lot of very not-baby-friendly items to the bookcase which I am now totally reworking.









| Decal |

Favorite Items: The beautiful pink blanket gifted to us. The rocking chair. The wall decals. Preggers Book.


| Glass Jar | Bird Statue from Downtown Disney | Motorola Monitor | Frame Home Goods |

My pregnancy journal is one of my favorite pieces in the entire house. The second I found out I was pregnant I started a private blog so I could write down everything I was feeling and thinking from anywhere. My thought going in to it was wanted to have something for me to look back on as she grows up (and turns into a super bratty fun teenager) and something to give her down the road when she is thinking of starting a family of her own. I kept the layout modern and clean to keep it as timeless as possible. I put all my weekly bump pictures, weekly stats, stories and letters. I still tear up over it. It is never to late to document this time in you life, get to it!

20130911-105844.jpg       20130911-105931.jpg

For those wondering, I use to print all my books. Although it has less frills then others, I find the quality and customization amazing. Second favorite (will all the frills) is Always on the look out for a new printing service, any favorites out there?


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