One Week One Year: Registry Catch Up

With officially one week until the big one year, I have decided to dedicate a week of posts to all things little. Playing a little catch up over the last year, inspiration for nursery design, projects, and super cute clothes. (Mama matching as well, of course).

To start, here is my best advice for the do’s and don’ts for your baby registry:


Do: Be prepared for it all. Have the Gripe Water, Tylenol, bottle of wine (kidding…sort of) all ready. We needed none of it, but you can bet if we did, it would have been in the middle of the night. Might as well have it in the medicine cabinet. One of the best gifts from my shower was from a new mom. She gave me all the random products that helped her in the first few weeks. Some we used, some we didn’t. And the wine we drank.

Don’t: Wipe Warmer. I don’t see the point. Some people swear by these. Others hate them. I just never saw the appeal. Diaper changing in all honesty isn’t fun for anyone, but everyone gets used to it. And unless you never leave the house, those little butts better get used to a normal non-warm wipe. (But seriously, what do I know. See below for a note regarding listening to other people…)

Do: Places to put them down. We went into this with the thought process that neither of us wanted to hold her all day long. Yep >> those parents. We loved to cuddle and snuggle, but I also like to brush my teeth. The swing and bouncer were our favorites. We could set her down and entertain her, let her be, let her sleep, etc. It was a sad day when she outgrew everything.

Don’t: Buy a million of one thing. We bought a few of one bottle to see if we liked them. When we did, we bought more. You don’t want to be stuck with 10 dozen of something you can’t return and won’t use. This is true for bottles, newborn diapers (we moved out of these within a week), swaddlers (never used them, not even once), etc. Buy a variety and try different things out. See what works best for you. Then buy out every store in town.

Do: Your research. When it came to a stroller I had a very good idea of what I wanted. Something stylish, easy to fold up, light weight, and easy to navigate. We settled on the UPPABaby after test driving a few others around the store. Read reviews, ask opinions, and see for yourself. (FYI this is still my favorite purchase!)

Don’t: Feel pressured by friends or family. Just because it worked for one family, or two or three, does not mean it will work for you. I have a brand I love. My friend has a different one. And guess what, we both are happy. There is nothing that you “have to have” or “will never use.” Listen to the advice given from experience knowing that you are having your own unique babe. See something you want to try or would rather pass on, that’s totally fine.

Stores can be overwhelming so I spent a lot of time online shopping and searching. Here are my top three favorite registry items that we actually use(d). Hope this helps all you future Mamas!

| UPPABaby Stroller | Bouncer | Swing |Motorola Monitor |


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