When is it okay to not have it all?

We are consumers. We are Kardashian watchers. We are Ryan Gosling lovers. We are Pinterest devoted. Tori Spelling competitors. We make our cake from scratch (with organic flour from Whole Foods) and eat it too. We refuse to settle for anything other then perfectly manicured nails and wine on the porch when the kids go to bed (and sleep through the night by one week old).  We are perfectionists and dreamers by our own rights.

Until everything crashes down and you realize you haven’t eaten a real meal in two days, there are no clean bottles, the ___ bill is late, and “the bags under your eyes are starting to look like Hugh Hefner’s ball sack.”

We want it all, wrapped up in a perfect little Tiffany blue bow. And when that doesn’t happen (which most of the time, it doesn’t) we panic.

So I pose this question: When is it okay to not have it all?

Hear me out on this one. We all have big dreams. I still truly believe Jacob and I from Crazy Stupid Love are soul mates. But seriously, I worked toward a degree in Fashion Merchandising to accidently fall into accounting. My dream is still there, to find a way to incorporate my love of business and fashion into a career, but other dreams have come along since. Like raising my lil babe. I am putting some things on hold to fulfill other dreams, because I have accepted that I cannot have it all…not all at once at least. But as long as I am satisfied and happy with what I am doing, then it needs to be okay. Correction: that needs to be more then okay, it needs to be enough. (When it isn’t enough is when it’s a problem that needs examining.)

In a world where we are driven by perfection, sometimes we forget that it is okay to fail. To take longer. To rearrange our wants. To accept that we are only human, and there are only so many hours in a day. When we sit back and let some things go, let go of the image in our head, shorten our To Do list’s, perhaps some peace will come from this?

I pose this as a question because like you, I am searching for the answers. I am working on my own personal balance, goals, structure, timing…

I will say it loud and say it proud “I am a work in progress.”

And I am coming to realize that sometimes that means I will not have it all figured out, I will not always be 100%, I will use the boxed cake mix and canned frosting, and I will enjoy every damn bite.

Cheers to only scratching off only one thing off of my (endless) To Do list over this long holiday weekend, and enjoying the family time (and the amazing sales!) instead.

Happy (sort of Monday) Tuesday!

Side note: If you haven’t started following Five Words on Pinterest, Instragam, etc. do it! Inspiration, motivation, laughter and relief can come in as few of words as five.


2 thoughts on “When is it okay to not have it all?

  1. Be a work in progress! Its good for you. True the 17 year old versions of us would have never expected this life, however they probably would be okay with it.

    Its always okay to not have it all; as long as it’s enough for you.

  2. I want it ALL! But everyone does. And we have come to learn that being where you are right now is probably where you’re supposed to be. So just learn to love everyday and not take it for granted.

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