Weekly Distract, Giveaway Winner & Update: Birthday Madness

It’s been awhile since we had some good Weekly Distract(ion)! As I mentioned I am taking a new job, which hopefully allows me much more time to get distracted on the internet to play with the kiddo. (Hey, I can multitask!) Here is a roundup of what is going on in my life!


First a super big thank you to everyone who participated in our Rome and Romie Beyond the Clothing Giveaway! Kayleena has announced the winning question on her blog. Congratulations Christina on your tank! We hope everyone will head over to Beyond the Clothing for your daily dose of fitness inspiration as well as to check out Kayleena’s answer to the winning question: How do I continue to push myself?

We hope to be bringing you more contests and giveaways from our favorite brands as we go!

So a little birthday party update. The invitations are in the mail. And by “in the mail” I mean on their way from the printer to me. Now if I can only get them into the mail for our party guests…

Party planning is officially in full swing. My latest: Operation Finding Supplies. I knew there had to be chic party supplies out there (i.e. paper plates). I just knew it. Still, I felt like an idiot googling things like “chic paper plates” and “designer plastic forks.” With very few weeks until  the party I need to get hustling. Time is running out and I have visions of pink paper lanterns dancing in my head. Why, no clue. I blame Pinterest pressure. Not really, I blame my need to throw beautiful parties. A lovely curse. Here is what I have complied so I can spare your Google history. (Not bad right?! I am loving the look of mixing patterns and colors!)

chic paper plates, chic party supplies


Adding this to my DIY party list: Paper Tassel Garland from Linen Lace and Love (With a little help from my DIY bestie…..yep, talkin to you! I’ll make the pizza, you tie the tassel!)

Another Illustrator tutorial for your viewing pleasure. Once I get an idea in my head…. damn you Google!

Creating a pattern tutorial via Redbubble:

Happy Distractions!


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