Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

One of my favorite quotes.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear” – Ambrose Redmoon

I needed reminding of this today as I officially throw myself into a new experience. Leaving behind the Monday through Friday 9 to 5 job for something more flexible. More fitting for my family. More stable for my health. I have a tendency toward not wanting to disappoint people, and quitting a job felt just like that, like I was quitting.

But I am moving forward in my life, reclaiming my role as a wife and mother first, employee second (and hopefully student third!).

We do scary things in life. We battle personal challenges, we make tough decisions, we get married and have babies and give our lives and love to people, We go into the unknown fearfully. But with our eyes wide open we do this all with courage backing us and love guiding us, and if we are lucky a little common sense.

I do not jump into decisions lightly, and I overthink pretty much everything. (Minus dessert, the answer is always order the dessert!). So here is to making choices that benefit my family. That benefit myself. And hopefully spreading a little courage out into the universe, or at least the blogging world, to do the same!

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

  1. Doing something new and leaving our comfort zone is always hard, but if we never venture out we will not grow. Change is vital to growth in life. With new challenges come new adventures!

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