Mama Inspired: Rome & Romie and Beyond the Clothing (Giveaway details!)

It is rare in life when someone throws themselves full force into their dreams. It is probably even more rare when that person is the mother of a one year old.

But that is exactly what Kayleena Meyers is doing with her life these days. Running after her one year old son while also running toward her dreams.

rome and romie, fitness giveaway

As a fitness and wellness guru at heart, Kayleena has motivated and inspired her students on a daily basis as an instructor. But with her passion only reaching those locally she knew she needed to find a way to branch out and help others reach their own personal goals.

You can now find Kayleena at Beyond the Clothing. Writing as a mother, an instructor, and a real life person trying to juggle it all. Her blog is full of inspiration and information to get your motivated and moving!

And to rock this mama’s fitness style head over to Rome and Romie to snag some fitness swag.


One of our lucky readers will be chosen by Kayleena to win a women’s fitness tank!

Leave a comment below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception, or question for a chance to win! The winning comment will be chosen by Rome & Romie and answered on the Beyond the Clothing blog.


No purchase necessary to enter. Limit two entries per person. No cash value. Contest closes midnight August 23rd.


15 thoughts on “Mama Inspired: Rome & Romie and Beyond the Clothing (Giveaway details!)

  1. My biggest fitness challenge is actually getting the energy/motivation to actually get in the gym. After work I’m too exhausted from the day, and I’m soooo not a morning person!

  2. My challenge has always been not starting slowly. I felt that if I couldn’t go to the gym 3 times a week there was no point in trying. Fitting in fitness is fairly new accomplishment, but 20minutes of yoga feels a lot better than nothing

  3. My biggest challenge has been myself. Pushing myself to do things I didn’t know I could do. Like toe push-ups not knee push-ups and regular burpees not modified burpees. I push myself further and harder every time.

  4. My biggest challenge is pushing myself and not making excuses. I feel like I make excuses all the time, and I KNOW I need to stop that and get back to my pre pregnancy body to be for and healthy :)!

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  6. My biggest challenge is staying consistent. I always go to the gym for a few weeks and then fall off. I need to make a schedule and stick with it!

    • My biggest challenge is being happy with my changing body after 40. Losing weight, and getting back in shape isn’t as easy as it was. I feel like I work twice as hard, and results come a lot slower. Sticking with it to see the change is the hardest part. Learning to be happy with a changing body image is a struggle.

  7. My fitness question is how do I find my race pace? During trail running or participating in triathlons, I’m afraid to push myself too hard, too soon for fear of hitting the wall or not having enough left to finish.

  8. My ‘issue’ has always been food! I love food! Exercise is now problem for me. It’s been a constant challenge for me to eat right and enjoy it. Any suggestions?

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  10. My worse fitness fear is looking like a loser because I can’t lift as much weight or run as fast or am not in as good shape as someone else in my gym class :/ Or throwing up/passing out because I’m not in good enough shape to do a certain workout.

    Or, really, just making a fool out of myself at the gym. Period.

    • Hi Rachel,

      The contest has ended but I wanted to send you a quick note to say you are not alone in this fitness fear! But remember not to judge yourself against anyone but the person you were yesterday! Work toward your personal goals knowing you are doing it for you!

      Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out Rome and Romie for more fitness inspiration and workout attire!


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