Living Life in Balance

I had a very interesting conversation the other day about my search for balance. My thinking: It has to be out there, it has to be obtainable. I have to be able to perfectly balance my roles as a mother, a wife, working for my employer, working for myself, and putting on all the other hats I often wear. I am sure of it.20130814-112834.jpg; live in balance, balace work, balance mom, balance home, living life in balance

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That is when I was reminded that balance is not a noun. It is not something that is sitting under a rock. It is not something to be found or achieved. Balance is a verb.

It is something we do. Every day, day in and day out. Once we stop, the balance is gone. It is shifting and changing and growing as we grow. And because of this, we cannot ever act like we have found the answer, every really found the balance.

So what to do?!

I am coming to realize my life is now hectic and chaotic and I need to embrace that. I need to learn to ask for help, receive that help, manage my time, and relax when not everything gets done, or gets done differently then I wanted it to. I have to remember that every day, as I balance my day, that tomorrow is new, and I will start fresh. I will need to shift my balance as I go. One day I may need to focus all of my energy on one task, and the next day that will change. I have to learn to stop fighting against the balance like it is a current, and instead let it guide me down my path.

I think the most important part of living life in balance is the recognition of what is important to you as well as what is not. Placing your family and personal goals as high priority and keeping those things as the forefront of your balancing act. Stepping back from time to time, checking in with yourself and making sure the balls you have in the air are the ones you want to be there.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to any of this. I, just like everyone else, sometimes let the wrong ball drop at the wrong moment. But maybe that is the beauty of placing the concept of balance as a verb and not a noun. I am not in search of something I am never going to find. Instead I am working with something that allows me to fail once and awhile.


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