Weekly Distact


I wish I could describe the slowness of last week, but I may fall asleep. If nothing else, it gave me a lot of extra time to be overly distracted. Did you know you can have custom wrapping paper made. Yep. That is exactly how slow the week went. (You may be asking why this post is so many days late with such a slow week. For that I have no other answer other then a little case of the lazies. Happens.)

Digital Project: Chalkboard Background

Chalkboards are hot right now. Did I really just say that?! Well… they are. I keep seeing lists of fonts perfect for digital chalkboards, tutorials involving chalkboard paint, entire walls turned into one giant board (it cannot be healthy to breathe in all that dust?!) So I am jumping on the bandwagon for a new project. Found this lovely tutorial here and off we go!

Gift Wrap: Spoonflower Gift Wrap Design

I truly do not know how these things pop into my head. “Hm, lets make our own gift wrap!” Because one more project is totally what I need. But with Google at my fingertips all day long, I cannot help myself, I must see if it is possible. Who knew?! It is. Consider it done! (Also, I am having palpitations over their fabric and I don’t even sew! And custom fabric, don’t even get me started…)

Gold Glitter Salad Servers from LEIF :

I don’t even know what to say about these. Mind blown. I saw them over at Eat Drink Chic and now I must have them. End of story. Birthday party perfection right here people!

Paper Loveliness: Pink and Gold Thank You Cards

I need to throw a chic cocktail party simply to send out these beautiful thank you cards from Sugar Paper. Which reminds me, back to party planning!

Note the pink and gold theme here. Love it. Not intentional but seriously by favorite color combo ever.

Back to my Monday!


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