Living Fashionably: Animal Style

I think I am ready. Deep breath. I think I am ready to embrace animal print. Gasp.

It has not been in my fashion vocabulary. It just seems so… over the top? Trashy? I don’t know. Just not me. But I keep seeing little hints of it everywhere and I cannot help myself this year. I think it’s time.

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I am loving not only the various prints I have been seeing, but I think my favorite trend right now is all this amazing leather detailing. There is nothing like a little (animal friendly) leather to make you feel slightly like a badass.

leather, leather detail, leather clothing, faux leather clothing, leather style

ONE |  TWO |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX  |

Even more fun? Animal prints and leather details are usually pretty neutral. If you are only adding them as an accessory then an additional pop of color will not be overkill. Or fashion roadkill in this case. Perfect outfit? Take the printed scarf over a black top paired with the leather leggings and pair with deep red flats. Done.

I think I have my new fall look. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Living Fashionably: Animal Style

  1. h&m has an awesome motorcycle jacket for men right now that I’m LUSTING for. Steve Madden has some leopard-print pony smoking slippers that I would probably hurt someone for. haha loving this!

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