Life Changers

I have been privileged to witness some pretty amazing life changes lately from those around me. Babies are popping up (or, uh, out…) like wildflowers, so exciting as I watch my own little darling grow. Couples I love getting engaged and married. Friends venturing out to follow their dreams and passions.

I started this blog as it has always been a dream of mine in some shape or form. I originally started one ages ago to document my wedding planning process, but got so wrapped up in the actual planning it fell aside. But now I am getting to combine all the things I love into one place and share my findings. My dream is in the building stages, but I took the leap and started the process. (Thanks so those sticking around to watch!)

And that is the first step. Taking the leap. But I think the hardest step is the one that comes next, putting yourself out there.  Opening yourself up to failure, criticism, and success. Yes, success can be scary all on it’s own.  Wondering how your dream will translate to the world. Scary stuff right there.

So here is my acknowledgement to those around me, and to myself, for going after the dream, whatever dream that may be. You did it. You took the leap, you put yourself out there. You are one of the few carving your path to happiness. And that right there, is success all in itself.

Happy Monday everyone!


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