Weekly Distract, Giveaway Winner & Update: Birthday Madness

It’s been awhile since we had some good Weekly Distract(ion)! As I mentioned I am taking a new job, which hopefully allows me much more time to get distracted on the internet to play with the kiddo. (Hey, I can multitask!) Here is a roundup of what is going on in my life!


First a super big thank you to everyone who participated in our Rome and Romie Beyond the Clothing Giveaway! Kayleena has announced the winning question on her blog. Congratulations Christina on your tank! We hope everyone will head over to Beyond the Clothing for your daily dose of fitness inspiration as well as to check out Kayleena’s answer to the winning question: How do I continue to push myself?

We hope to be bringing you more contests and giveaways from our favorite brands as we go!

So a little birthday party update. The invitations are in the mail. And by “in the mail” I mean on their way from the printer to me. Now if I can only get them into the mail for our party guests…

Party planning is officially in full swing. My latest: Operation Finding Supplies. I knew there had to be chic party supplies out there (i.e. paper plates). I just knew it. Still, I felt like an idiot googling things like “chic paper plates” and “designer plastic forks.” With very few weeks until  the party I need to get hustling. Time is running out and I have visions of pink paper lanterns dancing in my head. Why, no clue. I blame Pinterest pressure. Not really, I blame my need to throw beautiful parties. A lovely curse. Here is what I have complied so I can spare your Google history. (Not bad right?! I am loving the look of mixing patterns and colors!)

chic paper plates, chic party supplies


Adding this to my DIY party list: Paper Tassel Garland from Linen Lace and Love (With a little help from my DIY bestie…..yep, talkin to you! I’ll make the pizza, you tie the tassel!)

Another Illustrator tutorial for your viewing pleasure. Once I get an idea in my head…. damn you Google!

Creating a pattern tutorial via Redbubble:

Happy Distractions!

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear

One of my favorite quotes.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than one’s fear” – Ambrose Redmoon

I needed reminding of this today as I officially throw myself into a new experience. Leaving behind the Monday through Friday 9 to 5 job for something more flexible. More fitting for my family. More stable for my health. I have a tendency toward not wanting to disappoint people, and quitting a job felt just like that, like I was quitting.

But I am moving forward in my life, reclaiming my role as a wife and mother first, employee second (and hopefully student third!).

We do scary things in life. We battle personal challenges, we make tough decisions, we get married and have babies and give our lives and love to people, We go into the unknown fearfully. But with our eyes wide open we do this all with courage backing us and love guiding us, and if we are lucky a little common sense.

I do not jump into decisions lightly, and I overthink pretty much everything. (Minus dessert, the answer is always order the dessert!). So here is to making choices that benefit my family. That benefit myself. And hopefully spreading a little courage out into the universe, or at least the blogging world, to do the same!

Happy Monday!

Menu: First Course Pizza

My friend and I have a fabulous trend. We both chase after the kid, while attempting to make homemade pizza and pig out in front of pre-recorded episodes of Project Runway while the hubs is out.

Why pizza? The endless possibilities! I literally walked into the Trader Joe’s and started grabbing at things.

This is what I ended up with in my shopping cart: two Trader Joe’s pizza dough, pizza sauce, arugula, mozzarella cheese, raspberries, pita bead, watermelon, mushrooms, an onion, salad dressing, garbanzo beans, and artichoke hearts. I clearly had no plan.

But that is the beauty of pizza. Throw it all on and see what happens.

What happened was magical.

My go to pizza is caramelized onions with mushrooms and a sprinkle of pancetta. (Note that above I clearly forgot the pancetta. My husband: Where is the meat?!)

And our newest experiment: Artichoke Hummus spread under a salad of arugula with fresh mozzarella, watermelon and heirloom tomatoes with a light coating of Goddess Dressing. Fabulous.

I have deemed the salad pizza (similar to a Piadine: flatbread with salad on top) as the “first course” pizza.20130824-162003.jpg

So easy, so quick, so yummy. And so beautiful. I heart heirloom tomatoes. With a passion.

If you have not experimented with Trader Joe’s pizza dough go now. No really, right now. I like to let mine sit out for a bit and we rarely attempt to roll it into an actual circle.

Okay, officially hungry. Happy eating!

Salad Pizza with Watermelon and Heirloom Tomatoes

(Again, not an exact recipe, so not my style!)

Cook pizza dough per package instructions. Coat with melted garlic butter when removed from the oven.

Spread homemade or store bought hummus. (Mine was homemade: 2 cans garbanzo beans, 1 cup(ish) greek yogurt, drizzle olive oil, 4 artichoke hearts, seasoning to taste.)

Top with salad: Arugula. Cherry sized balls of fresh mozzarella, halved. Watermelon slices, cubed. 1 large heirloom tomato, chunked. Tossed slightly with Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing.


Rome and Romie Giveaway Final Days

Last days of the Rome and Romie Giveaway! Don’t forget to enter to win a women’s fitness tank in honor of the launch!

Comment on the original post, or below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception or question for your chance to rock one of these inspirational tops!

The winner will be chosen by creator and blogger Kayleena with a special post on the Beyond the Clothing blog dedicated to her response.

And make sure to check out Rome and Romie for more fitness gear!

Which reminds me, which way is the gym again?! …. Happy workout!


See the original post for contest details!

Living Fashionably: Boudoir Classics

Time has seriously gotten away from me. Not sure where it went, but with Fall right around the corner my post baby boudoir pics are fast approaching. ASOS is my go to for basically everything. Free shipping and returns, and no lines. Yes please.

boudoir, bra and panties, underwear styling


I believe your undergarments should make you feel pretty and sexy. When it comes to what you wear strive to be “wildly sexy and unbelievably cute all at the same time.” (Bonus points if you can name this movie quote!)

Remember when buying for any sort of photo-shoot (even family photos apply to this rule!) always choose timeless over trendy. And there is NO reason I can fathom that having some pretty bra and panty sets for a typical ole boring Monday is not completely necessary. Every women feels better when she is wearing pretty lace undies. Am I wrong?! Didn’t think so!

Happy shopping!

Mama Inspired: Rome & Romie and Beyond the Clothing (Giveaway details!)

It is rare in life when someone throws themselves full force into their dreams. It is probably even more rare when that person is the mother of a one year old.

But that is exactly what Kayleena Meyers is doing with her life these days. Running after her one year old son while also running toward her dreams.

rome and romie, fitness giveaway

As a fitness and wellness guru at heart, Kayleena has motivated and inspired her students on a daily basis as an instructor. But with her passion only reaching those locally she knew she needed to find a way to branch out and help others reach their own personal goals.

You can now find Kayleena at Beyond the Clothing. Writing as a mother, an instructor, and a real life person trying to juggle it all. Her blog is full of inspiration and information to get your motivated and moving!

And to rock this mama’s fitness style head over to Rome and Romie to snag some fitness swag.


One of our lucky readers will be chosen by Kayleena to win a women’s fitness tank!

Leave a comment below with your biggest fitness fear, challenge, misconception, or question for a chance to win! The winning comment will be chosen by Rome & Romie and answered on the Beyond the Clothing blog.


No purchase necessary to enter. Limit two entries per person. No cash value. Contest closes midnight August 23rd.

Sneak Peak

Super exciting stuff happening! I can’t let you in on ALL of it, but I will give you a little taste.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY contest! I promise, you will want to check this out!

Also, in the coming weeks a new project will finally be hitting the blog. A little fashion, a little fashionista, and a little Instagram make for some goodness.

I finally have progress on birthday party invites. Considering we have a month from yesterday until the party of the year (literally) this mama needs to get moving!

Coming soon as well, an update for the boudoir shopping addict.

So much fun I can hardly stop from posting everything now… but I won’t. Because I’m a mean girl like that!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our giveaway details!