Weekly Distract

So ridiculously busy these days, and yet none of my projects are actually getting done. More on my poor time management later. I bring you what has filled my free time aka “everyone is sleeping and I have time to play on the internet” time (Do they make a clock that tracks that time zone?) Here is my complete and utter randomness, I wish I could say there was some sort of a theme, but I am all over the board lately!


One | My husband and I received an ice cream maker as a gift at some point (maybe a year ago?) and love it. But we somehow forget to freeze the bowl, thus leading one of us to drive to the store for a sugar fix, and the other of us still not putting the thing in the freezer. With our peach tree finally ready to eat, we made it a priority to make some yummy peach ice cream. Now we remember why we are in love with that thing! My mind has been swirling (nice ice cream reference there!) on all the flavor creations we need to try. With flavors like Black Berry Brown Sugar Mascarpone how can I resist?!

Two | I am tying to get birthday invitations into the mail by the first of August, and have yet to actually start them. Time crunch! But this amazing tutorial for letterpress design is perfect for helping me to create something really unique. Very excited to put it to use once I have mastered the example project. (If only I didn’t get distracted by all the other goodness this blog as to offer!)

Three | I had a major case of the Mondays this week. That carried over to the Tuesday’s. I will admit I did something I rarely do, went to work without makeup on and in my glasses. I just had a hard time getting into the groove. So I put on my big girl panties, laid on a smile and sucked it up. Even broke out a super bright, happy almost not appropriate work dress. Sometimes looking the part is half the battle.

Four | We are traveling soon which always seems to mean new flip-flops in our house. Not sure why, but our feet need new vacation wear. Thankfully I am a VIP Zappos member, and not too proud to admit it, and got these with free shipping. If ever a flip-flop was made for walking, Reefs are it!

Five | I will admit it, I got sidetrack looking at drink recipes this week. The temp has been so back and forth lately, I am wishing for some hot days by a pool. With a drink in hand. With this drink in hand. I realize this will only lesson the chance of any real projects getting done…

Coming soon… our family travel favorites. We have been dragging this kid everywhere since she was born, so we have this down (I think!)


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