Birthday Shenanigans

We have hit the 10 month mark which officially sets off BIRTHDAY PARTY PLANNING! I have been counting down to this day seriously since my baby shower. I love planning parties. For me, for other people, doesn’t matter. Get me a color theme and some invitation designing and I am a happy camper! If someone could tell me how soon is too soon to renew your vows with a fabulous party that would be fab. (My poor husband!)

With just under two months to go I feel behind already. It takes me some time to get my invitation vision just right, then printed and in the mail. This mama needs to hustle!

Luckily I have been (secretly) scheming planning the basic feel of the party for a while via some fun Pinterest boards. Time to get creative!

birthday, first birthday, party planning, planning, pink and gold, pink ombre and gold, pink mint and gold

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

I am stuck somewhere in my head between a really amazing color theme (see above) and this idea of cupcake and sprinkle madness (see below). Somehow the two are going to collide into magical birthday goodness. (I hope!)


One | Two | Three | Four  | Five

Decisions, decisions. (Thoughts?!) Stay tuned for the party planning progress. On to invitations!

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5 thoughts on “Birthday Shenanigans

  1. omg, I thought you were designing invitiations for your birthday! Ignore my other comment! Well, I am so in love with both themes – at first I was like YES to #1 then… scrolling.. YES to #2 !! I’m sorry I can’t help you, they’re both soooo wonderful!! Do a mixture of both!!

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