Workin It (and Lookin the Part)

I have to say, I am feeling good these days. I wanted to get back into a routine that felt manageable and simple, but effective. Currently I am going to spin class two days a week for half and hour on my lunch break and doing an ab routine as a cool down (more on this to come). Then my husband and I grab the kiddo and the dog and take a nice hike Saturday mornings. We also take a few quick family walks together throughout the evenings. This is my stepping stone, something to build upon. I believe that a lifestyle change takes time. If you throw yourself into anything too quickly frustration will follow and the tendency to give up is much more likely. Like everything else in life, balance is key.
Now that I have a good routine going, it’s time to reward myself with some new workout gear. Clothes do not make the workout. A great example of this is the girls walking on the treadmills in full makeup and booty shorts while I am a red, sweaty mess. Guess who just burned more calories. If you are planning on getting back on the wagon, stop yourself from running out and buying a new wardrobe. Let that be a reward once you have conquered a class, made it a month, reached a milestone goal weight, etc.
Now that I have successfully gotten my gym on, here are a few things I am looking to put on:
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is amazing the difference drinking water will make in your mental and physical health! Drink up!
Happy workout!



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