Organization or Bust

I am trying so ridiculously hard to get organized. I love organization. I thrive off of organization. I may have a slight addiction to post it notes and other freshly opened packs of office supplies. However, if you look through, oh lets say my housepursecar you would probably come to the conclusion that I am ridiculously unorganized.

But it’s not my fault. Well, okay, it is. But I am a busy lady. Working mom on the go. Attempting to start a small business and work 40+ hours, and take care of home, hubby, and child makes for an interesting mess. (Did I mention I also make my own baby food, yea, I’m that mom.)

So I write lists. Lots of lists. Checklists, shopping lists, To Do lists… I keep them in my work notebook, my day planner, my iPhone. Sometimes these lists help, but mostly they add to the list of chaos. I kid you not one of the items I have jotted down is “Get chalkboard for kitchen” so I can make more household lists. This has to end!

I need to get organized. I have to get organized. My marriage and my sanity may actually depend on getting organized.

Step one for me is my day planner. I need to write things out, see it visually. I fell in LOVE with my  planner this year. She is dreamy, bright, happy. Everything and more you could possibly need in a day planner. She can be found here. (Yep, she is definitely a she isn’t she!)

Step two needs to be managing my lists. I feel like it may be time to go digital on this one. I have such a massive list of projects to get accomplished (not to mention a Pinterest page overflowing with ideas) I need to keep it together somehow, and find a way to manage it.

So I started a Springpad account. Downloaded the app everything. Now all my lists and ideas and notes can be in one solid place. Time to get shit down! Their motto is “Everyday life, better.” Hopefully my “Every which direction” life can get a little better!

Wish me luck! And if there is anything out there that helps you stay on top of it, please(!) share!


One thought on “Organization or Bust

  1. I downloaded evernote – got overwhelmed and deleted it. I’ve been good about the phone lists lately. The costco list is my new focus, being sure I know what I need (and more importantly what I dont) when we go. The calendar in the kitchen is a must – although I seem to be the only capable of reading it. Ha! I do love the planner; she is a beautiful book.

    PS – “start a small business”?

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