Currently Obsessed: Color

I am currently obsessed with color.  I swear I could rule the world in my emerald green work pants. For anyone that actually knows me, this is extremely strange. I am usually the black and white girl. My purses are always black or tan. My shirt, dress, or skirt of choice is 9 times out of 10 black. Even my nails are usually pretty vanilla with a basic French manicure. But in my defense this is classic, right? Who can argue that a LBD isn’t almost always the right option?!
I blame my daughter and her colorful wardrobe (although I could not possibly pull off floral tops with stripped bottoms!). Or maybe I blame the weather. But something has me itching these days for color! Colorful bottoms, blazers, shoes, bags. Even nail polish! And the best part is it pairs so easily with the basic neutral tops I already own so many of! (Though I will admit every time I leave the house in a pair of bright colored bottoms, I check the mirror and make my husband reassure me I am not too old for this, and instead am far too young for pearls every day!) Here are some of my new favorites including one for my mini because I simply cannot help myself!
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