Workin It (and Lookin the Part)

I have to say, I am feeling good these days. I wanted to get back into a routine that felt manageable and simple, but effective. Currently I am going to spin class two days a week for half and hour on my lunch break and doing an ab routine as a cool down (more on this to come). Then my husband and I grab the kiddo and the dog and take a nice hike Saturday mornings. We also take a few quick family walks together throughout the evenings. This is my stepping stone, something to build upon. I believe that a lifestyle change takes time. If you throw yourself into anything too quickly frustration will follow and the tendency to give up is much more likely. Like everything else in life, balance is key.
Now that I have a good routine going, it’s time to reward myself with some new workout gear. Clothes do not make the workout. A great example of this is the girls walking on the treadmills in full makeup and booty shorts while I am a red, sweaty mess. Guess who just burned more calories. If you are planning on getting back on the wagon, stop yourself from running out and buying a new wardrobe. Let that be a reward once you have conquered a class, made it a month, reached a milestone goal weight, etc.
Now that I have successfully gotten my gym on, here are a few things I am looking to put on:
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is amazing the difference drinking water will make in your mental and physical health! Drink up!
Happy workout!


Organization or Bust

I am trying so ridiculously hard to get organized. I love organization. I thrive off of organization. I may have a slight addiction to post it notes and other freshly opened packs of office supplies. However, if you look through, oh lets say my housepursecar you would probably come to the conclusion that I am ridiculously unorganized.

But it’s not my fault. Well, okay, it is. But I am a busy lady. Working mom on the go. Attempting to start a small business and work 40+ hours, and take care of home, hubby, and child makes for an interesting mess. (Did I mention I also make my own baby food, yea, I’m that mom.)

So I write lists. Lots of lists. Checklists, shopping lists, To Do lists… I keep them in my work notebook, my day planner, my iPhone. Sometimes these lists help, but mostly they add to the list of chaos. I kid you not one of the items I have jotted down is “Get chalkboard for kitchen” so I can make more household lists. This has to end!

I need to get organized. I have to get organized. My marriage and my sanity may actually depend on getting organized.

Step one for me is my day planner. I need to write things out, see it visually. I fell in LOVE with my  planner this year. She is dreamy, bright, happy. Everything and more you could possibly need in a day planner. She can be found here. (Yep, she is definitely a she isn’t she!)

Step two needs to be managing my lists. I feel like it may be time to go digital on this one. I have such a massive list of projects to get accomplished (not to mention a Pinterest page overflowing with ideas) I need to keep it together somehow, and find a way to manage it.

So I started a Springpad account. Downloaded the app everything. Now all my lists and ideas and notes can be in one solid place. Time to get shit down! Their motto is “Everyday life, better.” Hopefully my “Every which direction” life can get a little better!

Wish me luck! And if there is anything out there that helps you stay on top of it, please(!) share!

Capturing my own version of perfection

I am kind of obsessed with boudoir shoots. Not in a weird fetish sort of way, but in an always secretly dreamed of being a VS Angel kind of way. I had big plans of presenting my husband-to-be with a sexy photo album of me before our wedding. Then life happened, and that never happened. Planning a wedding and working full time, our big day was upon us much faster then I had anticipated.

Shortly after we said our I Do’s we decided to stop not trying to have a baby (that’s a clever way of saying no birth control). Then I got pregnant. Really fast. Apparently I come from a fertile family. Dream shattered. Moment over.  So I did the next best thing, I took very classy, but slightly sexy maternity pictures. I wanted to embrace my body and the beauty that I felt. I channeled my inner Christina Aguilera, and bared it all for the camera.

So here I am, just shy of one year postpartum, planning my one-year present to myself, a boudoir shoot sans baby belly.  And this got me thinking as to why I feel it is so important for every women at some point in her life to put it all out there.

We spend a lot of time as women being hard on our bodies. As teens, we judge ourselves against impossible standards. Our early 20’s are spent with too many drinks and food that can be ordered through a speaker (which is a shame looking back, because that 20 year old body was pretty amazing). But our later 20’s and early 30’s we are in our prime! We finally appreciate what our bodies have become. Any women that has had a child has seen first hand how utterly incredible the human body is. (Superman has shit on us!) This is a time of feeling empowered, strong, sexy… and why not capture that on camera?

In the beginning I wanted my husband to have an picture of me that he could have forever, his young wife looking incredibly sexy. But now it is about me. About capturing the feeling I have toward my body and the attitude I have toward life. I have learned that being healthy and being happy is far more important then trying to fit into an image of perfection. I want my daughter to grow up with a mom that shows her confidence and a healthy self image. I want capture these feelings of finally feeling like I have truly become a women. (Insert cheesy Britney Spears song here if you must.) And mostly, I want to look back when I am old and wrinkled (or possibly Botox filled, still on the fence) and think “Damn, I was hot!” There is such logic in Sex and the City reruns:

This is not about a man’s approval. This photo is just for me so when I’m old and my tits

are in my shoes I can look at it and say ¨Damn, I was hot.¨

Samantha, Sex and the City

I have a few months to plan (or scheme as I like to call it) before my scheduled shoot. From hair and makeup, to clothing optional accessories, there is so much fun in the entire process. If you are on the fence about booking your own boudoir photoshoot, keep reading as I update on my journey with tips, tricks and advice from the pros! And make sure to follow my Pinterest board for even more inspiration!

Currently Obsessed: Color

I am currently obsessed with color.  I swear I could rule the world in my emerald green work pants. For anyone that actually knows me, this is extremely strange. I am usually the black and white girl. My purses are always black or tan. My shirt, dress, or skirt of choice is 9 times out of 10 black. Even my nails are usually pretty vanilla with a basic French manicure. But in my defense this is classic, right? Who can argue that a LBD isn’t almost always the right option?!
I blame my daughter and her colorful wardrobe (although I could not possibly pull off floral tops with stripped bottoms!). Or maybe I blame the weather. But something has me itching these days for color! Colorful bottoms, blazers, shoes, bags. Even nail polish! And the best part is it pairs so easily with the basic neutral tops I already own so many of! (Though I will admit every time I leave the house in a pair of bright colored bottoms, I check the mirror and make my husband reassure me I am not too old for this, and instead am far too young for pearls every day!) Here are some of my new favorites including one for my mini because I simply cannot help myself!
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Being Fab (& Getting Fit) Summer’s Top 5 Tips

I did it. I finally… after way longer then I am going to admit…made it back to the gym.  Okay, okay to offer full disclosure, I am not sure exactly how long it has been. Let’s just say this. The last time I went I was visibly pregnant and my daughter is now 9 months old. Not to say I have been completely lazy. I stayed very active during my entire pregnancy, taking lots of walks and hikes. My post baby life has been busy, and my fitness routine has lagged to say the least. But after coming to terms that my post-baby self is never coming back (and that’s okay!) I realized my health needs to become a priority. Here are the top 5 ways I plan on getting (and staying) fit and fab this summer, and all year-long!
1.       Choose obtainable goals
Pinterest fitness boards upset me. I see a model quality body with a headline along the lines of “the 3 minute routine that will get you these abs” and we all know that is crap. If there were some magic 3 minute workout that allowed me to still pig out on In & Out burgers and have abs of steel, trust me, I would be all for it. But the truth is you have to put in the time and the work. Seeing these pictures can be discouraging, but they don’t have to be.  Make sure you are setting goals you can actually achieve. Start simple and build up. For inspiration my current fitness goal is to build my leg and knee strength (from a prior injury) and in the processes tone my cute little butt and thighs for shorts season.  As you get going check in with yourself (that means being honest with yourself!) and reassess your goals
2.       Make a game plan
I am a planner. I need to know what is going on, when, where, and how. So walking blindly into a gym can be overwhelming. For me, classes are a huge help. I can plan my day around an express class at lunch time, or an evening class after work. I have an instructor that is teaching me correct form, and pushing me to do my best. But if classes (or the gym) aren’t for you, make sure you have a plan of how to make the most out of your work out. Create a special play list that will get you moving, keep a list of YouTube video on your phone or iPod to follow along to, do a little research of how to properly use equipment, or moves you can do without before you get started. Once the game plan is in place, your workout will go a lot smoother and you will get the most out of your time. Below are a few links that can help!
3.       Bring it into the kitchen…
Being fit should also mean being healthy. And a workout routine isn’t going to get you there alone. Make sure you are bringing a healthy change to your lifestyle. Summer is such a great time to revamp the way you eat with all of the fresh fruits and produce at your finger tips. Start with a green smoothie, a summer salad, or a healthy pasta dish, just make sure you aren’t sabotaging your workout with bad eating habits. You will be surprised with how easy it is to maintain great eating habits once you make it a habit.
4.       …Take it outside…
Walk, hike, ride a bike, go on a canoe trip. Find way to make the great outdoors a part of your workout routine, and part of your lifestyle. There is nothing like a little fresh air to lift your mood and calm your stresses. Grab a friend and get moving. Enjoying the beauty around you will make you forget you are also getting an amazing workout. (Nothing says butt lift like a hike uphill.) Grab your camera and snap some instagram worthy shots as you go!
5.       …And leave the self-doubt at the door.
When I am not good at something I tend to stop doing it. Worst. Habit. Ever. Screw karma because I think self-doubt is the real bitch. When you start doubting your abilities, you limit yourself and set yourself back. You may not be reaching your goals as quickly as you like (time to check in with yourself) or have missed a step or two on your game plan. But that doesn’t spell failure and that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It means it is time to get back on track. The only person stopping you is you. So you pigged out one night on burgers, fries, and two desserts. Today is a new day and past mistakes only matter in the past. Push through it and forward and check your doubt at the door.
(And for those of you that are muttering to yourselves, yea yea I have heard this all before (like I very often said)…then I challenge you, what are you waiting for?! Game on bitches!)
For more fabulously fit information and inspiration check out these great resources!

Advice From a Drunken Mother

Everyone told me Mommyhood was going to change my life. I heard all the usuals throughout my pregnancy. Everything from ‘You’ll never sleep again’ to ‘Don’t expect to ever turn the TV on again.’ I am happy to report my daughter of 8.5 months sleeps through the night, and has done so since very early on. I am also happy to report (or maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about this) but I am still a television zombie. Yes, life has changed in a million and one ways. But it is not so foreign to my pre-baby life as everyone tried to prepare me for.

I went into motherhood knowing one thing: I knew nothing! I had no idea what type of child I was going to have, how I was going to respond to my new role, how my household would change. I kept an open mind, and nodded politely while everyone told me exactly how it was going to be. Friends and family alike started every conversation regarding the baby with “Just wait…” and inserted their horror story about sleeping, eating, pooping, and their sex lives.

It was actually a stranger in a bar (yep, picture me almost 10 months preggers sipping root beer at a bar with the hubs) that said the most profound thing I had heard. “Just wait…” Great, I thought, the famous words. I wonder what lovely story this slightly drunk stranger has for me. “Just wait, it will be the greatest thing you ever do.” Finally! Words of encouragement! Someone that knows that yes, it is hard, and yes, things are going to change but at the end of the day it is the greatest joy and love you will ever know.

My challenge to those reading is the next time you are around someone who is pregnant, friend or stranger, and you open your mouth to speak your pearls of wisdom, close your mouth. Just shut it right there. You are not going to say anything to this person they have not already heard. Regroup, then go ahead and open your mouth and pass along the strongest words of encouragement you can give someone. Remember this is not your pregnancy, not your child. You can offer up your own experience, but besides your support that is all you have to give. Never again be guilty of the “Just wait” statements from hell.

Instead, pass along the best drunken statement ever uttered to a mother: Just wait, it will be the greatest thing you ever do.