Oh, Hello.

“Oh, hello. Am I glad to see you. It’s more friendly with two. Now, you go that way, and I’ll go this way.” -Winnie the Pooh

This sums up my life these days. In all fairness, Pooh was talking to himself in a mirror, but this pretty much says it all. Pulled in a million different directions with just a quick hello each way.
I am a new mom to a beautiful, bubbly, completely happy 8 month old. Olivia. Liv. O. Apple of our eye, our complete pride and joy.
But this is less about Liv and more about the world around her. Complete utter madness.  Relateable I am sure to any parent without a team of nannies. (Sorry Angelina Jole, keep moving, nothing to read here.)
Working 40 hours a week, making time for family, friends, and myself is a challenge. And then there comes the housework. Can you guess my list of priorities? My To-Do list keeps getting longer and long. But here is my attempt. An attempt to get organized. An attempt to find a little balance. An attempt to bring beauty to all our lives. My hope is to take you along on my journey. Learn from one another, laugh at one anoher, and take solice from one another. Strength in numbers right?!